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Department of Natural Resources

Crown Lands: Access Road Construction Permit

Who Needs This Permit?
Anyone who wants to construct roads across Crown Lands for the purpose of accessing and managing a private woodlot.

It can also be issued for a road which has other uses that are short term in nature.

The permit is required only to construct the road.

Issuing Department / Agency:
N.S. Department of Natural Resources

Where can you get this Permit and / or further information?
Central Regional Office (Truro)
Regional Director
N.S. Department of Natural Resources
664 Prince St.
(Arlington St. entrance)
Truro, NS  B2N 1G6

Tel: 902-893-6350
Fax: 902-893-5613
Western Regional Office (Lunenburg)
Regional Director
N.S. Department of Natural Resources
300 Green Street
Lunenburg, NS B0J 2C0

Tel: 902-634-7557
Fax: 902-634-7577

Eastern Regional Office (Coxheath, Cape Breton)
Regional Director
N.S. Department of Natural Resources
300 Mountain Road
Sydney, NS B1L 1A9

Tel: 902-563-3370
Fax: 902-567-2535


Any of the Local or Area Offices of the N.S. Department of Natural Resources. (See Offices, N.S. Department of Natural Resources.)

Application Forms & Process:
An application form can be obtained from the nearest Local or Area Office of the N.S. Department of Natural Resources. When completed, it is submitted to the area office nearest to where the road is to be located, along with the Application fee.

The applicant must submit a sketch of the property and the proposed location of the access road.

If the application is approved, the applicant will be notified by the Area Supervisor.

Waiting Period:
20 business days
Expiry & Renewal:
This permit is valid for up to 1 year from the date it is issued. It is not renewable.

Price: (HST is charged)
Initial Application and Annual Renewal:   $124.52, plus "stumpage" on any wood cut from a right of way. Tax is charged on stumpage rate.

Note: "stumpage" equals the current rate (adjusted annually) times the amount of timber cut.

The fee may be waived if the purpose is to manage a private woodlot under a recognized Forest Management Program.

Related Requirements:
  1. Applicant must verify the names of any companies involved with the N.S. Registry of Joint Stock Companies.
  2. The consent of lessee of the Crown Land in question.
  3. Crown Lands: Right-of-Way Agreement, N.S. Department of Natural Resources.
  4. Submission Requirements for Watercourse Alterations, Nova Scotia Environment.
Additional Information:
  1. If the use is for other than forest management, such as access to permanent structures, a permanent right-of-way should be requested.

  2. This permit is not intended for long term uses (such as dwelling house, industrial site). Such uses will require a permanent right of way.

  3. The permit will not be issued if there is a known claim against the Crown land.

  4. The permit may not be issued if the intended use will impede any immediate or long term plan of the Province, or may cause environmental damage.

  5. The applicant must not have any outstanding debts to the N.S. Department of Natural Resources.

  6. The permit does not confer exclusive use of a right of way. The road becomes the property of the Crown.
Legislative Authority:
Crown Lands Act, Revised Statutes of Nova Scotia, 1989, Chapter 114, Section 26

Environment Act, Statutes of Nova Scotia, 1994-95, Chapter 1

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