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Registry of Motor Vehicles - Dealer Application Requirements

  1. Application for Motor Vehicle Dealer's Licence.
    • Completed application with notarized signature of applicant

  2. Zoning Letter from the municipality dated within 6 months from the submission date of the Motor Vehicle Dealer's Application. Must indicate that the advised property is zoned for the display, sale and repair of motor vehicles
    • Zoning Letter from the municipality.

  3. If the building is leased, a copy of a valid lease agreement in business applicant's name. Lease must be for a minimum of six months and describe the property and premise. If not leased, proof of property ownership is required in either a deed or current property assessment.
    • Lease agreement or
    • Proof of property ownership

  4. Statement of Insurance form must be provided if making application for Dealer plate.
  5. Sales of new Units - Dealership requires proof of 2 mechanics (see Section 7 of Dealer Application) & Manufacturer's Certificate as to Authorized Dealer form for each major product line the dealership sells.
    • Proof of 2 mechanics
    • Manufacture's Certificate as to Authorized Dealer form(s)

  6. Sales of Used Units - Dealership requires proof of 1 mechanic or letter of agreement with a mechanic stating he/she is on an "on call" basis at the dealer's established place of business (see Section 7 of Dealer Application).
    • Proof of 1 mechanic or
    • Letter of agreement with mechanic

  7. Applicants for Used Car Dealer's License must provide one character and one business reference letter as to their ability to operate a used car business.
    • Personal letter of reference
    • Business letter of reference

  8. Proof of registration for company name, in good standing, with Registry of Joint Stocks. (This is not required for dealership in individual's personal name only.)
    • Copy of the Registry of Joint Stocks Certificate

  9. Applicable fees (see Dealer Schedule of Fees).
    • Cheque or money order

Notes: Dealer licenses are NOT transferable. If you have purchased an existing dealership, you must apply for your own dealer license.

Please refer to RMV Policy with Respect to Dealer License for information on the requirements for premises, display, service and repair area, etc. to ensure you meet the requirements for the dealer licence you are applying for. For additional information, you may also refer to Legislation Respecting Dealer Licenses and Dealer Number Plates and Regulations Respecting Dealers' Licenses Regulations.

If you have any questions, please contact one of our customer service representatives at 902-424-5851 or toll free at 1 (800) 898-7668.

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