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Registry of Motor Vehicles - Applying for a Personalized Plate

Applications can be forwarded to any Registry of Motor Vehicles office throughout the province, or mailed to:

Registry of Motor Vehicles
P.O. BOX 1652
Halifax, Nova Scotia
B3J 2Z3

Form APP28 must be completed by the applicant.

Personalized Passenger / Motorcycle Plate Samples

Fee to manufacture personalized plates is:

bulletInitial payment: $107.35 (includes $14.00 HST)
bulletAnnual renewal fee: $30.05 (includes $3.92 HST) + registration fee
bulletReplacement fee if lost/destroyed/stolen: $26.10 (personalized passenger plates)
$19.85 (personalized motorcycle plates)

Personalized plates may be used only on vehicles normally requiring passenger vehicle or light commercial vehicle licence plates or motorcycle plates.

Each slogan must have:
bulletminimum - 2 full characters (from digits 0 to 9 or letters A to Z)
bulletmaximum - 7 full characters (including blank spaces). for personalized passenger plates
bulletmaximum - 6 full characters (including blank spaces) for personalized motorcycle plate

Expect a 6 to 8 week waiting period for manufacturing.

If you order a personalized plate as a gift, you will receive a confirmation letter advising that your choice is available and, pending approval, will be issued.   When the plate is received by our Department from the manufacturer, the plate will be mailed to the giftee (plate owner), not the purchaser.

Certain slogans will not be approved:

bulletWords or symbols socially unacceptable, offensive, not in good taste, or implying an official authority
bulletCharacters in a combination that would create identification problems such as - OO1IUV or 8B2Z38
bulletDots, dashes, or other symbols ( ! @ # $% & * ( ) + = ? / : ; , . )
bulletCombinations assigned to other types of licence plates:
All numerals    12345
Letters 0A to 9Z Followed by Numerals 0A 12
Letters A to Z Followed by Numerals U1234 or D1234
Letters AA to ZZ Followed by Numerals AA1234 or FM1234
Letters AAA to ZZZ Followed by Numerals AAA1234 or PRP123
VE1 Followed by Numerals VE1123
Numeral followed by a single letter 12345C
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