Strategy and Corporate Services

Strategy and Corporate Services (SCS) provides overarching corporate support across the other two divisions. SCS acts as a departmental liaison with other departments across Government. SCS also coordinates the corporate reporting for the “Office”. SCS provides internal support by effectively deploying department wide services including financial management, corporate services and strategy and performance measurement. Other services provided by SCS include:

  • Guiding the strategic decisions of the "Office"
  • Managing the budgetary requirements
  • Providing financial guidance and keeping the "Office" fiscally responsible
  • Managing the portfolio of projects for the "Office", managing and deploying our limited resources
  • Managing the corporate services at Maritime Centre - Mail, Reception, KeyScan Card access, …
  • Responsibility for the SNS facilities utilized in serving our clients across the province
  • Managing the legislative agenda for the "Office"
  • Ensuring that the Statement of Mandate and the Accountability report are prepared and presented to the public
  • Managing special projects like Alternate Service Delivery, Open Data and Lean Six Sigma.