Spring bear hunt: engagement

The Government of Nova Scotia is proposing to hold a spring bear hunt as a pilot project this year. Share your feedback to help shape the pilot project and spring bear hunting in the future. All Nova Scotians are welcome to participate.

About the engagement

Nova Scotia is the only province in Canada with a black bear population that doesn’t have a spring bear hunt. Right now, bear hunting is only allowed in the fall in Nova Scotia.

Natural Resources and Renewables is proposing a change to regulations to allow a spring bear hunt this year. The spring bear hunt will last 5 weeks (not Sundays) from May to June 2024. It will be open to Nova Scotia residents only.

The proposed spring bear hunt will be a pilot project to help shape spring bear hunting in the future. Regulations are being developed for the proposed hunt to help keep the bear population healthy and make sure that the government has the information needed to evaluate the pilot project and make decisions about bear hunting in the future. The regulations will include:

  • spring bear hunting will take place over 5 weeks from 20 May to 22 June 2024
  • hunting will not be allowed on Sundays
  • bag limit will continue to be 1 bear per hunter per year, either in the spring or fall hunt
  • it will continue to be illegal to hunt female bears with cubs
  • hunt will only be open to Nova Scotia residents
  • hunters need to buy a bear hunting licence to participate (licences will be available at Department of Natural Resources and Renewables offices starting 1 April 2024)
  • everyone who buys a bear hunting licence needs to complete a bear harvest report (even if they don’t hunt or harvest a bear)

Nova Scotians are invited to share feedback about the spring bear hunt.

Get informed

Learn more about bears in Nova Scotia: Background on Bears in Nova Scotia (PDF)

How to participate

You can participate by taking a survey or sending feedback to the Department of Natural Resources and Renewables.

Take the survey

Provide your feedback through the online survey by 24 February 2024.

Start now

You can also send your feedback to (you can also share feedback and ask questions in French).

Next steps

Feedback will be reviewed by government and help shape the pilot project and spring bear hunting in the future.

More information about the engagement

You can send questions about the spring bear hunt engagement to .