Sustainable Transportation Grant Recipients

NS Moves grant: $42,800

Rural Coastal Communities Network


Rural and Coastal Communities Network

GTA Hub Bus will be a community interest company (CIC), a social enterprise offering a regular fixed-route minibus system connecting the people of the greater Truro area with each other, services, schools, local stores, employers, and recreation facilities.  Hub Bus is a collaborative community-driven community-ridden approach to small town transit needs that blends features of urban public transit with smaller private models known by many names around the world such as jitney, combi, bemo, and shuttle.

The Rural & Coastal Communities Network is grateful to NS Moves for assistance with the business planning and early start-up phase of Hub Bus.  We will pilot the concept with a view to making it adaptable in other small town areas in need of public transportation for social and economic inclusion on a tight public budget.