Public and Community Transit

Public and Community Transit

Public and community transit includes transportation services provided to the general public in shared vehicles. It can be a bus on a city street, a door-to-door minibus service taking senior residents to medical appointments, or a ferry to get you across the harbour.

Transit helps make communities more liveable. It reduces dependence on personal vehicles, lowers energy use and greenhouse gas emissions, increases physical activity and improves accessibility to services and employment for all Nova Scotians.

The Public and Community Transit Network will enhance the coordination and capacity of community transit systems in rural areas, and between transit systems in rural and urban areas. It will also help shape municipal planning and development to support sustainable transportation.

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Community Transportation Nova Scotia

Community Transportation Nova Scotia (CTNS) is a registered non-profit organization that was formed with individual and group members from regions and sectors across Nova Scotia. CTNS supports transportation solutions for the community, main areas of support are: mentoring, advocacy, information support, networking with the vision that all Nova Scotians have access to safe, affordable transportation.