Procurement Contacts

Nova Scotia Procurement
Centennial Building
1660 Hollis Street, Suite 502
Halifax, Nova Scotia
B3J 1V7
Public Tenders Office Tel: 1-902-424-3333
Fax: 1-902-424-0622
Toll Free:1-866-399-3377

Effective April 9, 2018, the Nova Scotia Procurement Office will only accept deliveries between the hours of 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. AT.

Assistance with Posting Tender and Award Information

For Mash Procurement representatives who require
assistance with posting tender and award information.

For Suppliers when encountering difficulties submitting a bid.


Chief Procurement Officer
Executive Director, Procurement

Chris Mitchell





Gen Sharkey


Kim Conway

Category Manger, Buildings

  • NSHA Laundry

Najah Ibrahim

Category Manager

  • Courier Services
  • Leased Office Space

James Murray

Acting Category Manager, Fleet

  • ARI Fleet Card

Jane MacConnell

Procurement Specialist

  • Highway / Bridge Construction Regional
  • Highway Engineering & Technical Services (TIR) S/O
  • Building Construction / Demolition
  • TIR Lumber Yard and Sign Shop
  • Highway Maintenance Materials (guardrail, paint, glass beads, etc.

Samantha Darville

Procurement Specialist

  • Janitorial
  • Grounds Maintenance – summer/winter
  • Building Services/Construction(Regional)
  • NS Lands
  • Environmental Services SO (Buildings/Land)

Kamia Creelman

Procurement Support

Kelly Gatto

Procurement Specialist

  • Highway Maintenance Materials (salt, gravel, sand, etc.)
  • Highway Maintenance Services (Salt Haul, RIM, Winter Equipment w/Operator, highway painting, electrical)

Karin Parsons

Procurement Specialist

  • Government Building Construction
  • IWK/NSHA Professional Construction Services
  • IWK/NSHA Building Construction
  • Architects and Engineers S/O

Kim Weagle

Procurement Specialist

  • Natural Resources
  • Internal Services – Public Safety (radio towers)
  • Agriculture - Land Protection Services
  • Waste Management

John Chisholm

Procurement Specialist

  • Fleet (light duty, heavy duty, heavy equipment, ambulance)
  • Heavy Duty Equipment/Parts
  • Fuel

Marilyn Foulkes




Director, IT, Goods & Services Procurement

David Stevenson

Manager, Procurement Operations

Tina Garrison

Category Manager, Professional Services

Melanie MacDonald

Category Manager, IT Services

Angela MacKenzie

Category Manager, IT Services

Angela Mudge

Procurement Specialist

IT Category
  • General Department:IT Software
    -- (Not ICTS/NSHA-IT)
  • ICTS: ISD:Hardware
  • NSHA-IT:Hardware
  • General Department:IT Hardware
    -- (Not ICTS/NSHA-IT)
  • ICTS ISD:SO - Laptops/Desktops
  • ICTS ISD:SO - Teleconferencing Equip (Polycom)
  • General Department:IT Software
    -- (Not ICTS/NSHA-IT)

Julie MacRae

Procurement Support

Colleen Latta

Procurement Specialist

  • Early Education and Childhood Development
  • Public Service Commission, including
    • SO - Learning and Development (Training)
    • SO - OHS Training
  • Training and Learning Development Category
  • TIR (School goods/equipment, not including furniture/sporting goods)

Carlos Castillo

Procurement Specialist

IT Category
  • NSHA-IT:Software
  • ICTS ISD:IT Professional Services
  • NSHA-IT:IT Professional Services
  • ICTS ISD:SO - Telecommunications/Mobility
  • ICTS ISD:SO - Managed Print Services
  • NSHA-IT:Solution Based

Sara Merchant

Procurement Specialist, IT Category

IT Category
  • ICTS ISD:Software
  • ICTS ISD:Solution Based
  • ICTS ISD:General Inquiries

Charlene Fougere

Procurement Specialist

  • Service Nova Scotia
  • Elections Nova Scotia
  • Internal Services (Except - Public Safety Division)
  • Registry of Motor Vehicles
  • Treasury Board
  • Finance
  • Financial Professional Services Category
  • Community Services
  • Flextrack, including:
    • SO - Consulting Services(MB and IT)
    • SO - Temporary Services

Chris Stilwell

Procurement Specialist

  • Communications Nova Scotia, including:
    • SO - Research & Evaluation Services
    • SO - Communications / Public Relations Services
    • SO - Writing, Editing & Translation Services
    • SO - Marketing Services
    • SO - Audio-Visual Services
    • SO - Graphic Design Services
    • SO - Web Services
  • Tourism Nova Scotia
  • Health & Wellness
  • NSHA (G & S Only, Not IT)
  • Legal Services Professional Services

David Appleby

Procurement Specialist

  • Justice & Public Prosecution Office
  • Queens Printer / Postal Services
  • Energy
  • Security Category
  • Uniforms and Clothing Category
  • SO - Office Supplies(Stationary/Paper)

Beth Morash

Procurement Specialist

  • Communities, Culture & Heritage
  • Office of Regulatory Affairs & Service Effectiveness
  • Nova Scotia Utility & Review Board
  • Office of Legislative Counsel
  • Executive Council Office
  • Art Gallery of Nova Scotia
  • Film Nova Scotia
  • Waterfront Development Corp
  • Municipal Affairs
  • Human Rights Commission
  • Aboriginal Affairs
  • Auditor General
  • Trade Centre Limited
  • TIR (General Goods & Services)
  • Emergency Management Office
  • Miscellaneous Departments & Agencies(Not Otherwise Indicated)

Angie Barry

Procurement Specialist

  • Labour and Advanced Education
  • Nova Scotia Student Assistance
  • Fisheries and Aquaculture
  • Agriculture
  • Natural Resources
  • Furniture Category
  • Nova Scotia Business Inc.(Interim)
  • Fitness and Sporting Equipment Category
  • Environment

Jennifer Cooper



Director, Clinical Procurement

Cindy Brown

Operations Manager, Clinical Procurement

Maggie Cheung

Procurement Specialist/Analyst, Clinical Procurement, General

Heather Sweet

Category Manager, Clinical Procurement

Brandy Harris

Operations Manager, Clinical, Group Purchasing Organizations

Nicole Nickerson

Field Consultant, Clinical, Group Purchasing Organizations (Central/Northern Zone)

  • (Central/Northern Zone)

Adele Veno

Field Consultant, Clinical, Group Purchasing Organizations (Eastern/Western Zone)

  • (Eastern/Western Zone)

Amy Young

Category Manager, Clinical, Group Purchasing Organizations

Jessica Horne

Procurement Specialist, Clinical, Food Program

Krista Tobin


Category Manager, Clinical Procurement, Operating Room

Matthew Lunn

Procurement Specialist, Clinical Procurement,Operating Room

Glen Moore


Procurement Specialist, Clinical Procurement,Operating Room

Ankur Sharma


Procurement Specialist, Clinical Procurement,Operating Room

Gregory Fownes


Procurement Specialist, Clinical Procurement,Operating Room


Category Manager, Clinical Procurement, Lab / DI / Pharmacy / Renal

  • Lab, Pharmacy, Renal, Dialysis, Diagnostic Imaging, Interventional Radiology

Rae Burke

Procurement Specialist, Clinical Procurement, Lab / DI / Pharmacy / Renal

Tara Macdonald

Procurement Specialist, Clinical Procurement, Lab / DI / Pharmacy / Renal

Megan Melville

Procurement Specialist, Clinical Procurement, Lab / DI / Pharmacy / Renal

André Zielke

Procurement Specialist, Clinical, Procurement, Lab / DI / Pharmacy / Renal

Brett Melnick

Category Manager, Clinical Procurement, System Wide/MDR

Pat Mora

Procurement Specialist, Clinical Procurement, System Wide/MDR

Elizabeth Dunn

Procurement Specialist, Clinical Procurement, System Wide/MDR

Steven Traves



Director, Corporate Strategy

Michelle Simpson

Manager, Policy, Process and Reporting

Nigel Kilfoil

Program Coordinator - Compliance and Reporting

Dyane Horton

Manager, Supplier Outreach and Staff Training

Kimberley Murphy

Project Coordinator – Staff Training

Alexa Vodicka

Project Coordinator – Supplier Outreach

Beth Hartling

Project Coordinator

Ruth Le Lacheur

Manager, Sustainable Procurement Integration

Lynda Rankin



Director, Business Intelligence

Jeff Rogers

Manager, Business Systems

Erin Poorooshasb

Business Operations Analyst

Kirby Myers

Business Operations Analyst

Steven Harpell

Training and Change Coordinator

Gina Butler

Operations Support Coordinator

Adelle MacCarthy

Data Analyst

Jean McKinley