Selling to the Government of Nova Scotia

Each year the public sector of Nova Scotia spends close to $2 Billion dollars.

  • Are you interested?
  • Have you ever considered selling your goods or services to the public sector?
  • Have you ever wondered if the public sector purchases goods and/or services that your business offers?

If you answered yes to any of these questions now is the time to learn more!

Supplier Development helps vendors understand where to find tender opportunities. We want to help our companies have every chance to compete in local markets and beyond.


The Process

The Province is committed to the following principles of public procurement: open, fair, sustainable, transparent, consistent, effective, efficient and competitive. We strive to ensure all procurements meet these principles and achieve best value.


Best Value

Not just looking at the initial purchase price, but considering also the total cost of ownership including such things as delivery, packaging, installation, staff training, supplies, maintenance and disposal. It is looking at not just the economic aspects of a purchase, but considering the environmental and social aspects as well where appropriate.

How does a business find out what the province buys?

Depending on the dollar value of what is needed, different processes apply.


Standing Offer

The first option is mandatory use of an existing Standing Offer, if one exists.  For more information on Standing Offers please click link.


Under $2,500

  • For smaller purchases under $2,500 departments can approach a business directly for their requirements and make the purchase using a purchase order, a procurement card or accounts payable. The procurement card is a government credit card that makes doing business with us more convenient for you—you get paid right away.

If no standing offer exists and the purchase is Over $2,500, the department will procure the good, service and construction as follows:


Low Value Purchases

For low value purchases, departments will:

  • Obtain competitive quotes if the value of the goods, services or construction are less than $10,000:  Departments are to obtain competitive quotes wherever possible and award to the bid that provides the best value.  They ask for a price and a timeline and anything else that may be important to meeting their needs.
  • Conduct Invitational Competition if the value of the services or construction is $10,000 and over but $49,999 or less for Services and $99,999 or less for Construction, an invitational competition can be conducted. (not applicable for Goods)


High Value Purchases

If the values are $10,000 and over for Goods,  $50,000 and over for Services and  $100,000 and over for Construction, departments must work with Procurement to conduct a competitive process.  Open competitions are posted on the Nova Scotia Procurement Web Portal.

  • The tender process (also known as the bidding process) is open to all businesses and is publicly advertised.
  • Each tender is available for a specific number of days, allowing time for businesses to prepare their bids.
  • The timeframe often depends on the complexity of the tender.
  • If a change to the tender is required, an addendum will be issued.


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