Canada Tender Exchange

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SolicitationPosting DateClosing DateDescription
TSRFP2019-0223 March 201912 April 2019Asphalt Paving Program
UofSRFQ19-0445323 March 201905 April 2019One (1) Forklift
TOB2019-223 March 201912 April 2019Supply of Natural Gas
ST19-104000223 March 201915 April 2019Request For Information For SD-WAN
ST19-Doc170194341023 March 201915 April 2019Set Top Box RFI
RVCL-2019-00123 March 201905 April 2019Engineering services for Wastewater Treatment Facility Design
SHA20190322CUP23 March 201923 April 2019Cupar Hospital Demolition
RFQ-1900123 March 201918 April 2019Various Maintenance and Construction Activities on Various Provincial Highw
MB2019-0123 March 201901 May 2019Roof Replacement
DF14123 March 201923 April 2019Island Falls Hydro Station Concrete Rehabilitation - Phase 8
Doc153706475223 March 201911 April 2019Window Cleaning Service Regina
COS19-021823 March 201905 April 2019Evergreen - Green Bridge Bird Prevention
CSC-19-R-01223 March 201912 April 2019WCSG Motor Coach Transportation
COR467523 March 201905 April 2019COR 4675 - Extended Life Roof Repairs
COS19-002823 March 201910 April 20192019 Concrete Preservation Program
2019RM40RoadBuild23 March 201909 April 20192019 Road Building
732723 March 201908 April 2019Glass Beads
19006Hazlet23 March 201911 April 2019Hazlet Roof Replacement
01-Storthoaks3123 March 201905 April 2019Gravel Hauling 2019
RM4-2019-0622 March 201927 March 2019RM of Coalfields No. 4 Asphalt Crack Sealing Tender
SHA2019032122 March 201910 April 2019Full Service Vending Machine
SPL1807222 March 201916 April 2019Rusty Macdonald Branch Tenant Improvement
RM255-2019-322 March 201916 April 2019Crushing Tender
RM277-0321201922 March 201931 December 2019Notice of Proposed Procurement
RM161-2019-0122 March 201909 April 2019Thunder Cr Culverts