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SolicitationPosting DateClosing DateDescription
T0418HOTLINE21 April 201811 May 2018Asset Protection Hotline Services
SX631921 April 201826 April 2018To Supply and Deliver a 90 HP Ditchers
ST18344421 April 201801 May 2018Road Work - Surfacing
KP06521 April 201804 May 2018KP/065 - Pulverizer Yoke Supply
KP06421 April 201804 May 2018KP/064 - Grinding Ring Segment Supply
KP06321 April 201804 May 2018KP/063 - Classifier Cone Supply
KP06221 April 201804 May 2018KP/062 - Air Seal Supply
KP06121 April 201804 May 2018KP/061 - Spring Frame Supply
KP06021 April 201804 May 2018KP/060 - Pressure Frame Supply
ESRFQ-2018-0121 April 201830 April 2018Request for Quotation - Survey Equipment - Robotic Total Station
DP12021 April 201807 May 2018DP/120 SHAND ROM MOTOR SUPPLY
2018-Copiers21 April 201823 May 2018Photocopier Tender 2018
2-771-201821 April 201810 May 2018Grid 771 16.5 km.
18-042018-RFI21 April 201802 May 2018SIGA Freight Lift or Freight Elevator
UofSRFT18-436620 April 201810 May 2018Health Sciences Building A and C Wing Modular Office Front System - 2018
ST-Doc129795793520 April 201815 May 2018Demand Flat Deck Transportation Services
SPSD-T1718-000820 April 201809 May 2018Multi-Functional Print Devices, Managed Print Services
RQRHA2018041920 April 201815 May 2018RQRHA20180419 RFP - Interventional Radiology X-Ray Imaging System & Optiona
PB-CAP-19-00120 April 201804 May 2018Provision of GAP analysis and Development of Food Safety Systems for eligib
MO00120 April 201816 May 2018MO001-ITT-CONNECTOR SPLIT BOLT (M9-4)
HG02620 April 201810 May 2018HG026-Merchant Services
GP55020 April 201811 May 2018Fuel and Oil for Kinoosao Generators
DF08220 April 201811 May 2018Geomatics Master Site Services
CS-LLM1810620 April 201810 May 2018Court House Repointing & Cleaning, Swift Current, Saskatchewan