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SolicitationPosting DateClosing DateDescription
18-19-119022 October 201813 November 2018Construction Manager as Constructor
19-1922 October 201813 November 2018Virtual Reality Training
19TDRPSR84022 October 201826 November 2018Construction of Five (5) Transportable Comfort Cabins, Deck & Grill Shelter
201807722 October 201808 November 2018Balcony Handrail Replacement, Bridgeland Place (BL2)
20286822 October 201813 November 2018Supply and Installation of Hydro-Excavator
333PA-000000000322 October 201802 November 2018Cisco Video Conference Equipment -AB
93366922 October 201814 November 2018City of Edmonton NRFP 933669 Environmental Analytical Laboratory Services O
93378622 October 201806 November 2018City of Edmonton Expression of Interest No. 933786 for Category DB1 Drainag
AFRRCS-288-2019-1122 October 201805 November 2018ICT DC Remote DC Power Distribution Device with Peripherals
AHS-2018-293022 October 201813 November 2018HTK or Equivalent Organ Transplant Solution
AM1011.22 October 201809 November 2018Senior Advisor, Bio-Energy.
AM101822 October 201808 November 2018Road Prime Consulting Services.
CON002023522 October 201813 November 2018CON0020235, Discharge Capacity Enhancements and Other Work
CPE-2018-092822 October 201809 November Metadata Strategy
ENG-2018-01022 October 201808 November 2018City of Spruce Grove 2019-2023 General Municipal Engineering Support
MOJ-2018-230222 October 201815 November 2018Forest Fuel Maintenance
MW102222 October 201802 November 2018Handheld Raman System
P-31-107-1822 October 201808 November 2018P-31-107-18 Retail Market Anaylsis
PS-2018-102222 October 201806 November 2018Request for Quotations for Snow Hauling for 2018-2019 Winter Season
RFP 2018-025722 October 201814 November 2018Digital Experience Platform
TND001288922 October 201820 November 2018TND0012889, Cold Milling, Asphalt Concrete Pavement and Other Work
TND001289922 October 201813 November 2018TND0012899, Install SWSP Culvert and Other Work
18-013519 October 201813 November 201818-0135 Supply & Delivery of Tow Behind Turf Sweepers
18-170419 October 201807 November 2018Two Gas Chromatograph Systems: Dual channel GC-FID and GC-ECD/ECD both with