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SolicitationPosting DateClosing DateDescription
AAU002550411 December 201727 December 2017VEHICLE ROADSIDE EMERGENCY SERVICE
08M002559008 December 201722 December 2017Jolly Giant Software
08M002559108 December 201722 December 2017DBartisan/Legacy Sybase S/W Mtce Renewal
21T002558908 December 201722 December 2017Medical Laboratory Test Kits
683608 December 201721 December 2017Reservoir Excavation Portage Diversion Reservoir
683708 December 201721 December 2017Portage Diversion - Outlet Structure Phase 1 Flood Repairs
X3306508 December 201720 December 2017Supply and Installation of Structural Steel Guides and Timber Stoplogs
08T002558407 December 201721 December 2017Utility Vehicle, 24HP Diesel, Cab
H05002558807 December 201719 December 2017LUMBER,FIR,SELECT,TREAT,3"X10",SPEC L
04T002557806 December 201719 January 2018Correctional Inmate Clothing
300004036 & 30000403806 December 201711 January 2018Security/Access Control
H05002558306 December 201718 December 2017LUMBER,BUILDING MATERIALS
MB-OFC-12-06-201706 December 201705 January 2018Breathing Air Quality Testing
MB-OFC-12-06-2017(1)06 December 201712 January 2018Inflatable Public Education House
08M002557705 December 201719 December 2017CHECKPOINT FIREWALL H/W MTCE RENEWAL
08M002558105 December 201719 December 2017DATA CENTER SWITCHES
12T002557405 December 201719 December 2017Engine, Outboard, 20 HP, 4 Stroke
683505 December 201719 December 2017Culvert Replacements
AAU002552105 December 201718 December 2017Roadway Lights
ICTP-0039-2017/18-FIN05 December 201711 January 2018Regulatory Accountability Database
ZZY002552005 December 201718 December 2017OEM SARCO PARTS & SERVICES
003783-b204 December 201709 January 2018Domestic Hot Water System Replacement
21T002555901 December 201715 December 2017Laminar Airflow Biological Safety Cabinet
21T002557301 December 201715 December 2017Lab Test Kits DSNA BR Assay
683401 December 201714 December 2017Solid Rock Excavation (Grading)