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SolicitationPosting DateClosing DateDescription
002926-B115 June 201813 July 2018Lakewood Building Recreation Yard
07Q0615201815 June 201827 July 2018Effective Approaches to Key Accounting Policies and Related Comptrollership
10Q0615201815 June 201812 July 2018Operation of Water Treatment Plants - Mining
12S002615315 June 201827 June 2018LUMBER AND FASTENERS
12S002615415 June 201828 June 2018LUMBER, FASTNERS AND SHINGLES
4005221-b115 June 201828 June 2018Fire Hydrant Upper Body Replacement
5949-2018/1915 June 201829 June 2018Acquisition of Volume Sampling Data for the Highrock Forest Section.
687815 June 201828 June 2018Temporary Weigh Scale (Includes Grade and Base)
RFQ #:114-JA-1815 June 201805 July 2018RFQ for Building Cleaning within 1181 Portage Avenue, Winnipeg
D3-EM-BRN-1814 June 201805 July 2018Elevator Maintenance Services for 4 Manitoba Owned Facilities
RFQ-WMS-03114 June 201804 July 2018Supply and Delivery of Various Aggregate Materials
X18100314 June 201828 June 2018Security, Camera and Paging Systems at Weigh-Scale Office
H05002614613 June 201821 June 2018ASPHALT,SS-1 SLOW SET EMULSION
H05002615013 June 201821 June 2018ASPHALT,CEMENT,150/200 TYPE A
H05002615113 June 201822 June 2018ASPHALT,SS-1 SLOW SET EMULSION
H05002615213 June 201822 June 2018ASPHALT,CEMENT,SHRP PG 58-34P
X0377913 June 201828 June 2018Mowing Various Locations
4005068-b112 June 201804 July 2018Roof Access & Siren Relocation
X0378012 June 201826 June 2018Loading, Hauling and Depositing Traffic Gravel
X0598412 June 201827 June 2018Mowing Various Locations
03U002599411 June 201822 June 2018Veterinary Laboratory Supplies, Misc.
08M002614511 June 201825 June 2018LTO 6 Tapes
08T002614411 June 201825 June 2018Fire Alarm Sensitivity Tester
14U002614211 June 201825 June 2018LAPEL PINS