Canada Tender Exchange

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SolicitationPosting DateClosing DateDescription
08S002670720 February 201905 March 2019UTILTY VEHICLE, 20HP
08U002670420 February 201901 April 2019BOTTLED WATER, RELATED PRODUCTS & SERVICES
12T002671418 February 201905 March 2019All Terrain Vehicles, 550cc, 4 Stroke, 4WD
12T002671518 February 201905 March 2019Standard Ponar Dredge
08M002670515 February 201901 March 2019Liebert/Canatal H/W Mtce Renewal
08M002670815 February 201904 March 2019Dell PowerEdge H/W Mtce. Renewal
08M002670915 February 201904 March 2019SmartNet H/W Mtce Renewal
08M002671015 February 201904 March 2019IBM 223770 S/W Mtce Renewal
08M002671215 February 201904 March 2019IBM 223771 S/W Mtce Renewal
08M002671315 February 201904 March 2019IBM 192640 S/W Mtce Renewal
12D002663015 February 201908 March 2019FIRE WOOD
14V002670615 February 201925 February 2019Media Management & Storage
14V002671115 February 201925 February 2019Mobile Television Kit
AAS002666315 February 201928 February 2019OEM PARTS
CCPINOTICE201915 February 201914 February 2020Notice of Participation: Canadian Collaborative Procurement Initiative
03T002669314 February 201914 March 2019Starswabs,Multitrans,Collection System
08M002669714 February 201928 February 2019SAN Network H/W Mtce Renewal
08M002669814 February 201928 February 2019Oracle S/W Mtce Renewal
08M002669914 February 201928 February 2019Oracle S/W Mtce Renewal
08M002670014 February 201928 February 2019Oracle S/W Mtce Renewal
693014 February 201928 February 2019Bituminous Reconstruction
ICTP-0025-2018/19-BTT14 February 201901 March 2019Long Distance and Toll Free Calling Services
X2317114 February 201905 March 2019HVAC Services for Maintenance and Consturction
03Q0208201913 February 201928 February 2019Conference Planner Services
21T002669613 February 201927 February 2019Reagent, Photometer Tablet, Chorline