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SolicitationPosting DateClosing DateDescription
003889-B107 December 201815 January 2019Domestic Hot Water Storage System Replacement
04S002640807 December 201828 December 2018REPAIR SERVICE-ELECTRONIC SECURITY SYSTEMS
08M002651307 December 201821 December 2018SERVER H/W MTCE RENEWAL
08M002651807 December 201821 December 2018CA ARCSERVE S/W MTCE RENEWAL
15T002651507 December 201821 December 2018Automated Flagger Assitance Device
691207 December 201820 December 2018Bituminous Pavement (Reconstruction)
691407 December 201820 December 2018Jacking Concrete Culverts PTH 1 9.5km East of PR 308
RFP-SC-2018-5107 December 201821 December 2018FEWS Platform Development Shellmouth Dam to Portage
RFQ 17-01407 December 201828 December 20187' X 18' V Nose Agassiz or Equivalent Enclosed Utility Trailer
003798-b106 December 201821 December 2018Fourth Floor - Flooring Replacement
1003903306 December 201817 December 2018Supply and Delivery of Cold Weather Operation Heating System
12S002651106 December 201821 December 2018TRAP, BLACK BEAR (LIVE), CULVERT/TRAILER
12Y002650806 December 201819 December 2018AMMUNITION
691106 December 201820 December 2018Detour Construction
AAS002651006 December 201820 December 2018SCREW ANCHOR
D3-PTG-BRN-DPN-1806 December 201820 December 2018Painting Services
X0251506 December 201821 December 2018Stockpiling Aggregate Traffic Gravel Class "A"
1003902105 December 201812 December 2018SUPPLY AND DELIVERY OF CORRUGATED STEEL CULVERTS
1003903405 December 201813 December 2018Supply and Delivery of Wood Sign Posts
1003905105 December 201812 December 2018SUPPLY AND DELIVERY OF CORRUGATED STEEL CULVERTS
12S002650905 December 201820 December 2018WOOD CORDS
12Y002650405 December 201814 January 2019AVIATION FUEL & DRUM
690905 December 201819 December 2018Culvert Replacements
691005 December 201819 December 2018Shoofly Detour Construction PTH 6
AAS002650605 December 201819 December 2018ANTIFREEZE SUPPLY