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SolicitationPosting DateClosing DateDescription
08M002632721 September 201804 October 2018Instrument Manager Interface Connection
03T002632420 September 201801 November 2018Vet Lab Supplies, Tipt, Pipettes, Filters
1003885020 September 201828 September 2018SUPPLY & DELIVERY OF NATIVE GRASS SEED
12T002632520 September 201804 October 2018Utility Vehicle,Battery Powered, 48V, 3.7HP
6087-2018/1920 September 201811 October 2018Connect Winnipeg Beach campground sewer to the Town of Winnipeg Beach lift
688520 September 201804 October 2018Supply, Fabricate & Install Overhead Sign Structures
688620 September 201804 October 2018Intersection Improvement PTH 1 At Simplot Road Vicinity of Portage La Prair
RFQ #:741-JA-1820 September 201811 October 2018RFQ for Building Cleaning Services within Winnipeg
RFQ-WMS-03620 September 201805 October 2018Geotechnical Field Instrumentation
Tender #2018-00320 September 201804 October 2018Ultra Laptops
X3203020 September 201804 October 2018Mowing of Provincial Waterways and Dikes in the East Interlake Region
003528-b119 September 201810 October 2018Sump Pump Station Replacement
04T002631619 September 201803 October 2018Trousers, Uniform, Male & Female
08U002631919 September 201811 October 2018RFI - SYSTEMS FURNITURE
08U002632019 September 201811 October 2018RFI - Integrated Interior Assemblies
1003884319 September 201828 September 2018SUPPLY & DELIVERY OF BULK SODIUM CHLORIDE
1003884519 September 201801 October 2018SUPPLY & DELIVERY OF BULK SODIUM CHLORIDE
12T002632119 September 201803 October 2018Cap, Ball Camouflage, c/w Logos
21T002632219 September 201803 October 2018Real Time PCR Detection Sytems
21U002630119 September 201802 October 2018COMMERCIAL FOOD PROCESSOR
21U002630219 September 201802 October 2018MEDICAL BLANKET WARMER
21U002630319 September 201802 October 2018COMMERCIAL BLENDER/MIXER
D3-AS-SM-BRN-1819 September 201804 October 2018All Season Site Management Services for Assiniboine Community College and B
X3144719 September 201802 October 2018Mowing of Provincial Waterways in the Grosse Isle, Portage La Prairie Areas
03T002632318 September 201810 October 2018Buffers, Test Kits, Reagents, Qiagen