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SolicitationPosting DateClosing DateDescription
08M002581923 February 201809 March 2018MANAGE ENGINE S/W MTCE RENEWAL
08Y002580523 February 201803 April 2018PROPANE, BULK FOR VARIOUS THE PAS LOCATIONS
12T002581323 February 201809 March 2018Jacket, Hi Visibility, All in One, Patrol
21T002580923 February 201809 March 2018Tip, Pipette, Filter, Barrier
21T002581023 February 201809 March 2018Kit,ITAQ, Universal Probes,1 Step
21T002581123 February 201809 March 2018Cepheid Xpert Flu/RSV Test Kits
03T002580822 February 201808 March 2018Boxes, Category B, Saftpak
03U002580122 February 201807 March 2018Johnson & Johnson Vet. Lab. Slides
09U002580322 February 201807 March 2018MATTRESS
09U002580422 February 201807 March 2018HOSPITAL FURNITURE
12T002580622 February 201808 March 2018Snowmobile, 500cc, Fan Cooled
12T002580722 February 201808 March 2018All Terrain Vehicle, 500cc, 4 Stroke, 4WD
5849-2018/1922 February 201814 March 2018Marine Stewardship Council accredited assessor for re-certification assessm
5888-2018/1922 February 201808 March 2018Sewage holding tank cleaning services in South Whiteshell Provincial Park.
5889-2018/1922 February 201808 March 2018Electrical maintenance services in South Whiteshell Provincial Park.
RFP CONS # 1577122 February 201814 March 2018Hydrodynamic Modeling for Village of Cromer
X0176022 February 201807 March 2018Janitorial Cleaning Services
12T002577921 February 201807 March 2018Utility Vehicle, 60 HP, Diesel, Dump Box
AAU002580221 February 201806 March 2018HAND CLEANERS
ICTP-0032-2017/18-BTT21 February 201816 March 2018Parks Reservation System – Application Management Services (AMS)
PSB-HSAL-FEB2-1821 February 201821 March 2018Reagents and Instrumentation – Sexually Transmitted Infections
5858-2018/1920 February 201814 March 2018Supervision of the Waste Transfer Grounds at Paint Lake Provincial Park, Th
5859-2018/1920 February 201815 March 2018Standard First Aid & CPR training in the Northwest Region of Manitoba.
5865-2018/1920 February 201814 March 2018Service & Maintenance of the Water Treatment Plant at Paint Lake Provincial
ICTP-0047-2017/18-BTT20 February 201820 March 2018RFP - MERLIN Review