Canada Tender Exchange

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SolicitationPosting DateClosing DateDescription
tender_6099215 December 201719 January 2018Supply and Delivery of Fireline Workwear
tender_6217815 December 201715 January 2018Destruction of Expired Antivirals and Medical Supplies and Equipment.
tender_6305515 December 201717 January 2018Microsoft Enterprise Agreement
tender_6317015 December 201714 February 2018Isolation of Acid Generating Material and Closure of the Kam Kotia Open Pit
tender_6327115 December 201714 February 2018Project Management with respect to the Open Pit Closure at the Former Kam K
tender_6388415 December 201708 January 2018RFI For An Inmate Tracking Solution
tender_5906814 December 201705 January 2018Boiler Systems Maintenance & Repairs Services
tender_5914714 December 201711 January 2018Painting Services
tender_5914914 December 201705 January 2018Refrigeration and Air Conditioner Maintenance & Repairs Services
tender_6361914 December 201722 January 2018Design Build of Winter Materials Structure
tender_6369914 December 201715 January 2018RFB for Engineering Services – Evaluation of X-ray Installation Plans
tender_6380314 December 201731 January 2018WASHROOM PARTITIONS
tender_6388014 December 201722 January 2018The Sup & Deliv of Modular Vests & Pouches for Instit Crisis Interv Teams
tender_5568613 December 201725 January 2018Highway Sign Installation Services VOR
tender_5886913 December 201708 January 2018The supply of replacement manufacturer parts and equipment repair of YSI mu
tender_6040913 December 201709 January 2018Operation of the King's Wharf Theatre at Discovery Harbour, Penetanguishene
tender_6181113 December 201725 January 2018Team Ontario Uniforms for the 2019 Canada Winter Games
tender_6238813 December 201708 January 2018Supply, Delivery and installation of a Benchtop X-Ray Diffractometer System
tender_6281413 December 201726 January 2018Communications Tower for Bak Lake
tender_6370313 December 201710 January 2018Supply and Delivery of Infrared (IR) Laser / Illuminator Devices
tender_6370413 December 201726 January 2018Fluidized Bed Ion-Exchange Pilot Plant Design, Construct, Commission & Trai
tender_6379713 December 201710 January 2018Fee for Service Contract for A Trauma Clinician
tender_6380013 December 201708 January 2018Environmental Site Assessment at the Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) Gun Ra
tender_6380213 December 201719 January 2018Individual Counselling Services for Probation and Parole Offices
tender_5914812 December 201725 January 2018Operation and Maintenance of the Pog Lake, Kearney Lake and Whitefish Lake