Canada Tender Exchange

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SolicitationPosting DateClosing DateDescription
tender_6337819 March 201820 April 2018HVAC Preventive Maintenance
tender_7014619 March 201818 April 2018ATMS Maintenance Contract at Various Locations within the Ottawa Area
tender_7025619 March 201818 April 2018Design, Supply and Installation of Two (2) New Salt Storage Structures
tender_7026019 March 201823 April 2018Municipal Taxation Modelling & Analysis Services
tender_6967116 March 201813 April 2018Evaluation of the Healthy Menu Choices Act, 2015
tender_6890915 March 201805 April 2018Load, Supply and Spread Slurry Seal in the Sudbury Area
tender_7006615 March 201828 March 2018Removal and Haulage of Biosolids from Essex
tender_7013915 March 201829 March 2018Network Storage Appliances (NAS)
tender_7014015 March 201801 May 2018Supply and Delivery of Offender Clothing
tender_6850214 March 201816 April 2018Fish Culture Engineering and Aquacultural Support Services
tender_6928514 March 201811 April 2018Cleaning Services for Dryden Aviation Services Hangar Building
tender_6976314 March 201829 March 2018Design, Supply and Installation of New Salt Storage Structure Roof/Buildin
tender_6041013 March 201803 April 2018Energy Efficiency for Drinking Water &Wastewater Treatment Plant Equipment
tender_6896312 March 201812 April 2018Fort Henry National Historic Site Food and Beverage Service Provider
tender_6981412 March 201810 April 2018Provinical Self-Management Health Care Training Servcies
tender_6755809 March 201827 March 2018Supply, Haul, Place and Shape Granular A in the Cochrane and Matheson Local
tender_6748308 March 201810 April 2018Microsoft Dynamics GP Healthcare software modules
tender_6807508 March 201810 April 2018Janitorial Services in Wasaga Beach Provincial Park
tender_6876008 March 201823 March 2018Laboratory Testing Systems for Soil Testing for Foundation Engineering
tender_6588907 March 201806 April 2018Provision of Quality Offset Printing Services
tender_6905207 March 201823 March 2018Health Network System Managed Services Benchmarking and Value for Money Stu
tender_6958507 March 201813 April 2018Supply and Delivery of Footwear for Inmate Use
tender_6948506 March 201806 April 2018Supply & Delivery of Oxford Safety Shoes (Unisex) for Correctional Service
tender_6483705 March 201827 March 2018Mass Mailing Folder Inserter and Related Services
tender_6939205 March 201820 April 2018Supply and Delivery of Work Wear Uniforms