Canada Tender Exchange

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SolicitationPosting DateClosing DateDescription
tender_8209212 October 201820 November 2018I&IT Solutions Consulting Services Request for Bid (RFB)
tender_5368811 October 201821 November 2018Ticketing, Reservation and Resource Management System (TRRMS)&Related Goods
tender_8293611 October 201814 November 2018Supply and Delivery of Night Vision Goggle Binocular Systems with Helmet Mo
tender_8293711 October 201802 November 2018RFB# 101218-Clearwell Cleaning & Inspection
tender_8285910 October 201813 November 2018Supply and Delivery of Hardened Gamma X-Ray Dosimeter Devices
tender_8276209 October 201806 November 2018Transition to SIP service for each Champlain LHIN office.
tender_8252103 October 201805 November 2018Supply and Delivery of Throw-able Video/Audio Communication Robot Systems
tender_8243702 October 201823 October 2018Supply and Delivery of Underwater Drop Camera Controller Systems
tender_8235601 October 201813 November 2018Request for Proposal # 11/2018 THE ORGAN ALLOCATION SYSTEM
tender_8153618 September 201818 November 2018CAMPGROUND UPGRADES
tender_5480017 September 201814 November 2018COTS Laboratory Information Management Solution (LaSB-LIMS)
tender_8035817 September 201817 October 2018RFI for Queue Detection and Stopped Vehicle Detection
tender_8153417 September 201817 October 2018Fire Safety Equipment Installation, Inspection, Maintenance, and Monitoring