Canada Tender Exchange

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SolicitationPosting DateClosing DateDescription
tender_9146115 February 201915 March 2019FIREWOOD
tender_9146315 February 201915 March 2019SUPPLY AND DELIVERY OF FANS
tender_8666014 February 201918 March 2019GIS including GPS,Measuring and Mapping of Tobacco Crops
tender_8963314 February 201915 March 2019Operational Services - Operated Equipment and Labour - Northwest Region
tender_8975014 February 201901 March 2019Prep & Distribution of Hot Mix Samples for Inter-Laboratory Correlation Tes
tender_9112514 February 201928 February 2019Collective Agreement Data Extraction
tender_9057413 February 201928 February 2019Supply, Delivery, and Installation of an Automated Sample Clean-Up System
tender_9088713 February 201928 February 2019Supply & Delivery of Laboratory Sample Bottles
tender_9099313 February 201901 March 2019For Consumables, Parts and Service for Waters Mass Spectrometers
tender_8876212 February 201927 February 2019Supply, Delivery & Installation of 1 Recirculating Fish Housing System
tender_8952112 February 201926 February 2019Supply and Delivery of a Greenhouse Gas Analyzer System
tender_8975212 February 201926 February 2019Supply and Delivery of Consumables for Existing Fluid Management System
tender_9099412 February 201928 February 2019Requisition Scanning Solution
tender_9121012 February 201921 March 2019RFP#021419-GRIT
tender_8835311 February 201926 February 2019Supply, Delivery, Installation of One Large-Volume Glass Washer with HEPA D
tender_9015211 February 201926 February 2019Supply, Delivery & Installation of One (1) Continuous Flow Analyzer
tender_9069211 February 201926 February 2019Total Nitrogen-Total Organic Carbon Analyzer
tender_9099211 February 201901 April 2019Negative Pressure Wound Therapy (NPWT) & Therapeutic Surfaces
tender_8497807 February 201925 February 2019Psyllium Mucilloid Powder, 300-600g/Bottle
tender_8848007 February 201914 March 2019Replacement of Tilden Lake Dam
tender_9069005 February 201926 February 2019Two Year Audit of the Canada-Ontario Early Learning and Child Care Agreemen
tender_9069405 February 201915 April 2023Occupational Health Professional Services
tender_8306504 February 201922 February 2019Criminal Law Division Crown Summer School - 2019
tender_8876304 February 201928 February 2019Air Transportation Services to Support the Quetico Provincial Park
tender_9035931 January 201925 February 2019Motor Controller Center and DE Switch