Canada Tender Exchange

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SolicitationPosting DateClosing DateDescription
tender_8601107 December 201814 January 2019Fireline Food Kits and Food Requisition Orders for Kenora
tender_5172606 December 201814 December 2018Manufacture, Storage and Distribution of Dye D390
tender_8545106 December 201822 January 2019Operational Services Tender for New Liskeard/Cochrane Area
tender_8666506 December 201831 January 2019RENOVATIONS OF A PUBLIC RESTROOM
tender_8666105 December 201831 January 2019Supply and Delivery of Firewood
tender_8437704 December 201807 January 2019Administering a Public Website & Registering Authorized Court Transcription
tender_8371429 November 201814 December 2018Supply and Delivery of Aluminum Extrusions, Overlays, T/Bars, Z/Bars & Flat
tender_8371529 November 201814 December 2018Supply and Delivery of Plywood Sign Blanks
tender_8620029 November 201808 January 2019Microsoft Dynamics Great Plains Support & Training
tender_8450828 November 201807 January 2019Delivery of the Ministry’s Fish Interim Audit Program
tender_8244027 November 201812 December 2018Supply of a Closed Cab Tractor Loader with Accessories
tender_8508027 November 201812 December 2018Supply, Delivery and Unloading of Culverts and Couplers
tender_8560927 November 201814 December 2018Automated Liquid Handlers
tender_8466126 November 201807 January 2019ATMS Maintenance Contract for the Bancroft Area
tender_8478222 November 201801 February 2019Security Screening Services
tender_8368321 November 201811 January 2019eRFB_Armstrong_Forest
tender_8564021 November 201811 January 2021After-Hours Call Answering Services
tender_7633720 November 201811 December 2018RFB for Preventative Maintenance, Parts/Consumables & Emergency Repair Serv
tender_8434619 November 201807 January 2019HVAC System and Building Automation Control System Upgrade
tender_8545319 November 201818 December 201811 Allstate Parkway 4th Floor Renovations
tender_8498515 November 201807 January 2019Supply and Delivery of 30 Portable Variable Message Signs
tender_8306414 November 201814 December 2018Ministry VOR arrangement for Independent Review of Highway Access Requests
tender_8321514 November 201814 December 2018Supply,Delivery & Installation of a Field Emission Electron Probe Micro-Ana
tender_8405914 November 201814 December 2018Supply, Fabrication & Temporary Storage of Five (5)Precast Concrete Box Cul
tender_8466314 November 201807 January 2019RFB for Monitoring and Maintenance of Computer Room and Protection Equipmen