Tourist Accommodations Registration Act takes effect 01 April 2020

The Tourist Accommodations Registration Act requires most tourist accommodations to register with the Tourist Accommodations Registry to operate in Nova Scotia.

When the Act takes effect on 01 April 2020, most tourist accommodations and accommodations marketing platforms (like Expedia and Airbnb) can start the process of registering their accommodation with the Tourist Accommodations Registry.

The new legislation is designed to:

  • level the playing field for all accommodations hosts and operators in Nova Scotia
  • reduce red tape by replacing current licensing requirements for tourist accommodations
  • help government capture meaningful, accurate data about the province’s tourism industry

Tourism Accommodations Registry

The Tourist Accommodations Registry is an online system where accommodations hosts, operators and platforms provide basic information about their accommodations. You receive a registration number for each accommodation and platform you register.

The Tourist Accommodations Registration Act comes into effect on 01 April 2020. It replaces the Tourist Accommodations Act, which required accommodations businesses to be licensed.

Under the Tourist Accommodations Registration Act, most accommodations need to register (instead of being licensed).

Who needs to register

Tourist accommodations need to register to operate in Nova Scotia if they’re a roofed accommodation and provide accommodations to travellers for 28 days or less. You don’t need to register your tourist accommodation if it’s in your primary residence or attached to your primary residence. Your primary residence is the home where you live, as an owner or tenant. It’s also the address you use for bills, identification, taxes and insurance.

All accommodations marketing platforms need to register if they facilitate the rental of tourist accommodations in Nova Scotia.


You can register starting 01 April 2020.

Hosts and operators should register as close to 01 April 2020 as possible to make sure they’re in compliance with the new legislation. Due to the uncertainty surrounding COVID-19, the Government of Nova Scotia realizes that hosts and operators may need to delay their registration.

Registration fees

In recognition of COVID-19, registration fees are deferred for hosts and operators for the 2020 to 2021 operating year. Hosts and operators of eligible tourist accommodations still need to register.