Traffic Safety Act: public engagement

Nova Scotia’s outdated Motor Vehicle Act is being replaced with a modern Traffic Safety Act that will help make the province’s roads and highways safer. We’re looking for feedback from Nova Scotians to help develop the regulations that accompany the Traffic Safety Act.

The draft regulations are being released for public feedback in phases. There are no regulations available for feedback right now.

The new Traffic Safety Act affects all Nova Scotians in some way, including drivers, pedestrians, cyclists, police, municipalities and car dealerships.

Some of the changes will include improvements to help keep pedestrians safe, rules to address new transportation devices like e-scooters, measures to better protect cyclists, and steps to strengthen and modernize the licence classification system.

The act was developed as a framework piece of legislation. That means most of the details will be in the regulations.

Consultation process

Government worked with stakeholders to develop draft regulations. These draft regulations are being made available for public input in 7 phases.

  • drivers (consultation completed)
  • vehicles (consultation completed)
  • rules of the road (consultation completed)
  • business and licensing (consultation completed)
  • roles and responsibilities (consultation completed)
  • administration (consultation completed)
  • offenses and penalties

Before the last phase of the consultation, staff are reviewing the feedback from the previous 6 phases. The feedback collected in these phases will likely affect the fines and fees included in the draft offences and penalties regulations. We expect the draft offences and penalties regulations to be available for public comment in Fall 2021.