Highway Funding in Nova Scotia in 2012-13

There are three primary sources of funding for highway construction and maintenance in Nova Scotia.

The majority of highway funding in Nova Scotia is from provincial sources. Provincial funding includes all revenue from provincial gas taxes and the net revenue from the Registry of Motor Vehicles.

The federal government provides funding from a variety of federal programs, including the Canada Strategic Infrastructure Fund, the Building Canada Plan, the Gateways and Border Crossings Fund and infrastructure stimulus funding.

Some funding is received from municipalities for cost-shared projects in their jurisdictions.

Each year the highway capital budget is approved as part of the provincial budget. This funding is used for projects across the province, with more than 150 highway improvement projects slated for 2012-13.

The 2012-13 highway capital budget is $281 million, one of the largest investments ever made in Nova Scotia's road system.

The chart provides a breakdown of how this funding is being spent.