Kytes Hill/Grand Lake Road: Road Safety Improvement

The province is working with the public to make roads safer for drivers and residents in the Kytes Hill Drive/Grand Lake Road area just outside Sydney. In an effort to gather feedback and share activities related to road safety improvement, two public meetings were held during which time consultant's hired by the province to conduct a thorough safety review of the areas, presented their plan to review the area. During the second meeting, they presented safety improvement options for public consideration.

Both presentations, the first that took place in April, 2013 and the second in December, 2013 are available for viewing below. A third, and final, public meeting was held on July 8th to present the road safety solutions to residents. The presentation delivered at that meeting is below.

If you have questions or would like to offer comment, please send your feedback to or, please call 424-3539.

Public Meeting Presentation July 2014

Kytes Hill Intersection Improvement Study Feb. 2014

Public Meeting Dec. 8th, 2013

Presentation Video

News Release Dec. 2, 2013

Public Meeting April 25th, 2013