Highway 103 Twinning - Upper Tantallon to Hubbards

Project Description

The Department of Transportation and Infrastructure Renewal (TIR) is planning for the future twinning of Highway 103 from Upper Tantallon to Hubbards.

The twinning, as proposed, will start at the end of the four lane section near Exit 5 at Upper Tantallon and terminate approximately 1.5 km west of Exit 6 near Hubbards. The length of the project will be approximately 21.5 km. The roadway will be a controlled access facility and built as a 4-lane divided highway with sections of narrow (5.6 metre width) barrier median and wide (27.6 metre width) grass median and a posted speed of 110 km/h.


This section of Highway 103, between Exit 5 and 6, is a major arterial roadway that connects the communities of Upper Tantallon, Hubbards, Boutilier's Point, Black Point and Ingramport in the St.Margaret's Bay area. It is currently a two lane, 100 Series controlled access highway. Traffic volumes have been increasing steadily over the past several years. Volumes are currently 10,500 vehicles per day and are at the point where twinning is an appropriate measure for increasing highway service and safety performance levels.

Plans to upgrade and twin Highway 103 are on-going. The highway is currently twinned from Highway 102, in Halifax, to Exit 5, at Upper Tantallon and from east of Exit 9 near Chester Basin to Gold River.

Highway 103 is part of the National Highway System Feeder Route making it eligible for Federal cost sharing (normally on a 50/50 basis).

Public Consultation

Highway Planning and Design

Planning work continues on the Highway 103, Upper Tantallon to Hubbards section. A Public Consultation was held on March 10, 2011. The Environmental Assessment (EA) study for the twinning was completed in October 2012.

The Department currently owns most of the land required for the twinning portion of the highway. However, additional land to extend the construction boundary and to build any parallel access roads or interchanges will be required through negotiations with private landowners.

The new lanes will be constructed on the north side of the existing highway separated by either a narrow or wide median.

The project involves construction of a new interchange on Highway 103 and a connector road to Trunk 3 (St.Margaret's Bay Road). The new interchange will provide the only means of accessing Highway 103 between Upper Tantallon and Hubbards. The twinning would also involve modification of the existing interchange at Exit 6 and several watercourse structures.

Direct land access to Highway 103 will not be permitted when the highway is twinned. Land access for abutting landowners with existing direct access will be accommodated via existing secondary roads and new parallel access roads.

Careful planning and design measures along with accepted construction techniques will ensure that environmental impacts from activities such as road construction in close proximity to developed areas, wetlands, streams, and highly erodible soils are minimized.

The estimated cost of twinning this section of Highway 103, excluding the new interchange and connector road, is $124 million. Due to cost, this project has been divided into phases (Exit 5 to Ingramport Interchange and Ingramport Interchange to Exit 6).

Construction of the Highway 103 Ingramport Interchange and Connector began in the summer of 2014. The scheduled completion date is the fall of 2015

At present, no funding is in place for twinning of this section of highway.