Leaves   Monday   Tuesday   Wednesday   Thursday   Friday   Saturday   Sunday
Tancook   6:00am   6:00am   6:00am   6:00am   6:00am   9:00am   9:00am
Chester   7:00am   7:00am   7:00am   7:00am   7:00am   1:00pm   10:00am
Tancook   8:00am   8:00am   8:00am   8:00am   8:00am   6:00pm   5:00pm
Chester   10:20am   10:20am   10:20am   10:20am   10:20am   7:00pm   6:00pm
Tancook   1:30pm   1:30pm   1:30pm   1:30pm   1:30pm        
Chester   3:40pm   3:40pm   3:40pm   3:40pm   3:40pm        
Tancook   4:30pm   4:30pm   4:30pm   4:30pm   4:30pm        
Chester   5:30pm   5:30pm   5:30pm   5:30pm   5:30pm        
Tancook                   6:30pm        
Chester                   8:30pm        
Tancook                   9:30pm        
Chester                   11:00pm        

* Sunday schedule is used for holidays

* In the event of an overflow in passengers, the ferry will return to pick them up.