Provincial Plow Tracker

(This is a google map. Google maps may use cookies to track information. If you accept cookies, please click on the map image to enable. This App will not work with Internet Explorer. Optimal viewing is in Google Chrome, Firefox or Safari.)The plows that show up on the map are plowing provincial roads only. HRM, CBRM and some other municipalities have a separate winter maintenance program.
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The "plow tracker" tool allows Nova Scotians to track plows simply by zooming in on a map of Nova Scotia. The following are general descriptions of the vehicles you will see on the Plow Tracker application:

plowa large heavy duty snow plow (similar to a dump truck) used for both plowing and salting/sanding roads.

plowan extra heavy duty snow plow (similar to a dump truck) with either 4 wheel drive or six wheel drive used for mostly plowing but some for salting/sanding roads

plowa loader equipped with both front and side (wing) plows.

plowa grader equipped with both front and side (wing) plows.

Frequently Asked Questions:

When I start the website all I see are arrows, why?
The arrows are a symbolic representation of the winter maintenance vehicles. As you zoom in on the map (using either the scroll button on your mouse or the + in the upper left of the screen) the arrows will change to symbolized versions of the winter maintenance vehicles.

Why aren't the vehicles moving?
The web application provides a delayed report on vehicle movement. The site updates on a predefined interval. A user can select "refresh" on their browser just to make sure there is not a problem with their internet connection.

Why is it there are some equipment out on the roads but they do not show up on Plowtracker?
There are several reasons why a piece of equipment is seen on the road but does not appear on the Plowtracker application:. First there may be areas where a vehicle's GPS equipment is not able to send a signal (similar to a cellular dead spot). The second is that the GPS equipment itself is in need of repair. The third situation relates to ongoing rollout of GPS units to our equipment i.e. the Department of Transportation and Infrastructure Renewal continues to install GPS units on our winter equipment. When a GPS unit is activated we ensure it is logged in Plowtracker.

Why can't I see my plow?
As you zoom in on the map, winter maintenance vehicles will change from arrow icons to vehicle symbols. If a plow in your area you will see it on the map.

Why do vehicles appear one minute and disappear the next?
Plows only register if they're moving more than 3 km/hour. They will not show up if they are stopped.

Why do the vehicle icons look so big on some displays?

This is in fact an optical illusion when using the application. The vehicle icon is the same size in all scales of the map. It is the map details that makes it look like the icon is changing size.

Can I change the background map?

Yes, in the upper right corner of the tracker window you will see two boxes marked "Map" and "Satellite" you can switch between 3 different base maps: the default map, which is a Terrain Map; (2) a basic topographic map; and (3) a satellite image (for which you can turn on and off some map labels - such as place and lake names).