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Crop Loss Information Form PDF

The Nova Scotia Department of Agriculture would like to better understand the effects of the June 3, 2018 weather event and the impact to all farm operations. We are asking all registered farms to complete the Crop Loss Information form PDF.

Nova Scotia Farm Food & Events Calendar

Nova Scotia Farm Food and Events Calendar

This calendar is offered and managed by Perennia and the Nova Scotia Department of Agriculture, operated for the benefit of sharing information of interest to the agri-food community.
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Latest News

Changes to the Animal Protection Act
Changes to the Animal Protection Act introduced today, Sept. 13 will strengthen the rules that protect animals in Nova Scotia. - 2018/09/13 - 13:16 (full text)
Funding for 4-H Barn Infrastructure
The next generation of agricultural leaders will benefit from extensive improvements to 4-H barn facilities in Bible Hill. - 2018/09/04 - 09:51 (full text)
Funding for Community Pool in Bible Hill
Seniors, students and children alike can enjoy healthier lifestyles with continued access to a community pool in Bible Hill. - 2018/09/04 - 09:24 (full text)

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