School Programs: Elementary

Agriculture in the Classroom

The Agriculture and Food Education office has provided classroom visits for many years. The chick hatch program is popular, and is evolving to include other topics in agriculture. Grades 2 – 6 are eligible, and schools are encouraged to apply early to secure a space.

When accepted into the program, we will work with the school to arrange visits by our staff. Some examples of classroom topics are: chick hatching, soil characteristics, environmental farm practices, windowsill gardens, food miles, and Nova Scotia farm sectors. The focus of the visits can be tailored to meet the interests and educational objectives of the school.

The program runs from the beginning of March to the end of June. Applications must be placed well in advance and a limited number of classrooms can be accepted. It takes four weeks to complete a project that includes chick hatching. The program is administered through the Agriculture and Food Education office in Truro.

How do I apply?

Agriculture in the Classroom – Program Application Form PDF
Completed forms should be faxed to: 902-893-2757

Canadian Agriculture Literacy Month

Each spring, farmers and agrologists across Canada head into classrooms.

Armed with farm themed story books and plenty of their own stories to tell, they take time to visit children who may have no connection to daily life on a farm.

In Nova Scotia, this annual event brings volunteers from the agricultural sector into elementary school classrooms to read to school children and donate books and other educational farming resources.

Volunteers for this program are true ambassadors in the classroom, helping students build a personal connection with agriculture.

If you are interested in having a volunteer visit your classroom next spring, or want to be a volunteer reader, fill out the appropriate form below or contact the Agriculture and Food Education office.

School Participation Form PDF
Volunteer Reader Form PDF
Elementary Agriculture in the Classroom Program Application PDF