Nova Scotia Archives

Photographs by A.E. Cornwall

Hantsport and Area, collected by B.R. Alexander

Turning first sod for water (3rd man to left of shovel – Capt. Bob Lawrence (shoe store); shovel – Delancey Falkner (mayor); to right of shovel – George D. Comstock (Walter – little boy between); man with moustache 5th from right – John Woolaver; man with gray overcoat 3rd to right of shovel – Dr. Margeson; 3rd little boy from left – Clarence Riley; 8th letter girl from left – Beulah Coyle; behind Delaney – Billy Pearson


Date: 1957

Photographer: A.E. Cornwall

Reference no.: A.E. Cornwall  Nova Scotia Archives 1984-497 number 180 /  negative: N-2750