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Adaptive Reuse

In recent years, and in contrast to the thrust of the new and modern, many older buildings in our daily landscapes have undergone a metamorphosis that ensures their continued occupancy and use.

In Halifax, urban churches such as St. George's Greek Orthodox (Queen at Morris Street), the Church of the Redeemer (Brunswick Street) and Central Baptist (Robie Street) are now condominium residences. In rural areas, out-migration and dwindling attendance have resulted in the closure and demolition of many churches, but with some notable exceptions. For example, the former St. Alban's Anglican at Lequille, Annapolis County, is now a private residence and the recipient of the Heritage Trust of Nova Scotia's 2007 Built Heritage Award (Residential).

The old grist mill in Sable River has been converted into a private residence. Conversely, the former home of a long-time physician in Middle Musquodoboit, Dr. Harrison, has been incorporated into the Halifax County Exhibition Grounds; and in another example, the Halifax Public Library system now utilizes the west side of the original Sheet Harbour Consolidated School as a branch facility.

Train stations across Nova Scotia have frequently been targeted for adaptive reuse, with much success: the Train Station Inn (Tatamagouche), the Wolfville Library, and several museums (Antigonish, Louisbourg, Musquodoboit Harbour and Orangedale). The Tatamagouche Creamery now houses the North Shore Archives, Anna Swan Exhibit and the Tatamagouche Farmers' Market. And in Windsor, Mill Island Limited is currently renovating the former Nova Scotia Textiles Ltd. Building — a large project proposed to include retail shops, an art gallery, bookstore and bakery, plus condominiums, studio and office space.

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Clara Dennis scan 200801640
"Church -- Malagawatch" 
Date: 1930s
Photographer: Clara Dennis
Reference no.: Clara Dennis Nova Scotia Archives accession no. 1981-541 no. 372

Topic: Adaptive Reuse
 scan 200804533
"Consolidated School, Sheet Harbor, Halifax Co." 
Date: 1943
Reference no.: Nova Scotia Archives Library: LB N85 1943

Topic: Adaptive Reuse
 scan 200804534
Old Grist Mill, Sable River, Shelburne County 
Date: 1952
Photographer: Nova Scotia Bureau of Information
Reference no.: Nova Scotia Archives Photo Collection: Places: Sable River: Mill

Topic: Adaptive Reuse
 scan 200804535
"Musquodoboit Railway Station" 
Date: ca. 1916
Photographer: Jean (Guild) Fisher
Reference no.: Nova Scotia Archives Photo Collection: Places: Musquodoboit Harbour

Topic: Adaptive Reuse
Robert W. Chambers scan 200804536
Tatamagouche Train Station 
Reference no.: Robert W. Chambers Nova Scotia Archives accession no. 1996-143 series 5 no. 101

Topic: Adaptive Reuse
Nova Scotia Information Service scan 200804537
"Tatamagouche Creamery" 
Date: ca. 1963
Photographer: Nova Scottia Information Service
Reference no.: Nova Scotia Information Service Nova Scotia Archives no. 15978

Topic: Adaptive Reuse
W. H. Steer scan 200804538
Nova Scotia Textiles Limited, Windsor, NS 
Reference no.: W. H. Steer Nova Scotia Archives accession no. 1988-18 no. 1

Topic: Adaptive Reuse
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