Nova Scotia Archives

Aileen Meagher

Olympic Medallist and 'Canada's Flying Schoolmarm'

Wedding of Mary Subba and Ratan Chettri


Mary (nee Subba) Chettri wrote to Aileen on 8 December 1979 and told her about the wedding, ''Our marriage was a great success, 14 people from Canada took part in my wedding day . . . because of you — because of Fr. A's Canadian Friends — who are working hard at Canada to make us happy to give us a new life — I am really grateful to all of you Aileen, you have done to much for me and for all the people abround [sic] here.'' [MG 1, vol. 2994, no. 3, 8 December 1979]

Date: 1979

Reference no.: Aileen Meagher Nova Scotia Archives 1988-221 no. 1259