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     Approximately 50 additional jobs will be created through the
Winter Works Program recently announced by Housing and Consumer
Affairs Minister Guy Brown.  The jobs will be made available
through several housing authorities.  The bulk of the additional
jobs, 33 in total, will be in Cape Breton.

     Individuals who are currently employed do not qualify for
the program, which is being funded in part by the Department of
Economic Renewal.  The intent of the program is to provide income
to those who have exhausted their unemployment insurance
benefits, or those on municipal or provincial assistance.

     "The overwhelming response we received to date has prompted
us to expand the program through the realignment of budgets," Mr.
Brown said.  "We want to assist as many people as we possibly
can, and hope this initiative provides some short term relief."

     Last week, the minister announced that 150 jobs would be
available throughout the province.  Today's announcement expands
the total to approximately 200.  Individuals hired will work on
upgrading public housing units.  Applications are available at
the housing authorities located throughout the province.
Contact:  Michele McKinnon, 902-424-8998
lm                                 January 11, 1995