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     Housing and Consumer Affairs Minister Guy Brown today
announced the amalgamation of the Halifax Housing Authority and
the Dartmouth/Halifax County Regional Housing Authority.

     The merger comes as a result of a management audit prepared
by Doane Raymond, and was one of the key recommendations of the
report.  It is expected the amalgamation will generate
significant cost savings.  The Doane Raymond reports suggested up
to $1 million could be saved annually in operating costs.

     The amalgamation marks the first step in the implementation
process.  With the merging of the two authorities, other issues
identified by the audit can be addressed, such as the use of
office space, and the realignment of the management structure for
tenant related matters.

     "I have consulted with our funding partners at both the
federal and municipal levels, and I know they support any cost-
saving initiatives that we can introduce," Mr. Brown said.  "Our
main objective is to improve the quality of life for tenants in
public housing, and we believe more effective and efficient
management will help to achieve that goal."

     The two metro authorities manage over 3,700 units, and have
a combined annual budget of $30 million.  The volunteer board
members recently appointed to the two authorities will now serve
on the larger amalgamated board.
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lm                                   January 11, 1995