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Cultural heritage events, breath-taking scenery and world-famous
hospitality worked together to produce an outstanding year for
tourism in Cape Breton.  Tourism Nova Scotia reports an overall
26 per cent increase in requests to the Nova Scotia information
and reservation service and a seven per cent increase in room
sales during the peak period from July through September, as
measures of a strong provincial tourism season.

"This has been a very positive season and I'm optimistic about
1995," said Scott MacAulay of the Inverary Inn, Baddeck. "The
weather was fabulous and people were feeling more confident about
planning vacations. Canadians are making Nova Scotia a
destination of choice," he added.

Continuing momentum from a successful 1993 season was cited as an
important factor for this year by Rick McCready, the executive
director of Louisbourg's Planning Commission.  "Numbers were up
for two years in a row and we're confident that providing
activities here in the evenings, such as the theatre, will
encourage visitors to plan an extended stay."

Avril Betts promotes the Glenora Inn and Distillery in Glenville,
which saw "tremendous success" this season.  "I'm delighted.  The
property is isolated and yet we exceeded expectations," she said.

Acadian culture was a drawing card for visitors to Arichat,
according to Beverly Boudreau of L'Auberge Acadienne.  

"Many of our guests are on their way to the fortress (Louisbourg)
and they're really looking for an Acadian experience and our
communities are working together to offer that."  Boudreau is
anticipating more visitors from Quebec when they learn about the

Economic Renewal Minister Ross Bragg said the province is proud
to work with such an energetic industry as the tourism sector.

"Operators throughout Nova Scotia understand the benefit of long-
range planning, packaging, co-operative marketing and
collaboration," the minister said. " Tourism  earned itself a
banner year in l994 and the province is pleased to help provide a
platform for this success."

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