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From the sophisticated European traveller to a touring Nova
Scotia family - tourism was good business in Cumberland and
Colchester Counties in '94. In fact, Tourism Nova Scotia reports
this season, requests to Nova Scotia's information and
reservations system increased 26 per cent and Nova Scotia
experienced a seven per cent increase in room sales during
the peak months of July through September.

Michele Inglis, director of Brian Moore Tours in Amherst said,
"We had an amazing season for Brian Moore Tours and
EcoTours... gross sales increased incredibly."  Popular packages
like the Fly-Drive packages offered through travel agents in
Toronto, Ottawa and Montreal helped the company exceed original
sales goals, according to Ms. Inglis.

 Jim Laceby of the Amherst Shore Country Inn experienced a strong
season and is enthused to see the Cumberland-Colchester area grow
as a destination.  "I'm optimistic about 1995, especially if we
can encourage visitors to stay and explore," he said.       

At the newly opened Fundy Geological Museum in Parrsboro,
administrator Rose MacAloney welcomed more than 22,000 visitors.
"Many people were from other parts of the province and decided to
have mini-vacations. The province's travel guide helped us to be
a part of their plans".

A "fantastic year" is how Hilbert Noel describes the season for
Up-River Rafting and Tidal Bore Tours in Shubenacadie. Mr. Noel
said he was busy from mid-May through to mid-October. "We had to
put on an extra three boats to keep up with the demand and we're
expecting the same next year," he added. Mr. Noel is currently
booking reservations for l995 and l996. 

Economic Renewal Minister Ross Bragg, said the province is proud
to work with such an energetic industry as the tourism sector.
"Operators throughout Nova Scotia understand the benefits of
long-range planning, co-operative marketing, packaging and
collaboration," the minister said.

"Tourism  earned itself a banner year in l994, and the government
is pleased to help create a platform for this success."


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