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     Exploring trade and sale of training options will be part of
Education Minister John MacEachern's participation in the 30th
annual Southeast Asian Minister's Education Council, Jan. 15 to
19, in Kuching, Malaysia.  Mr. MacEachern will be one of two
Canadian ministers meeting with education leaders from member
countries of the Southeast Asian Ministers of Education
Organization (SEAMEO) including Brunei, Cambodia, Indonesia,
Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, and Vietnam.  The
Minister's participation is being funded by the federal

     As well as representing Canada, Mr. MacEachern said this
conference presents an excellent opportunity to highlight what
Nova Scotia has to offer in technology and teacher training. 
"The member countries are planning for their futures and
identifying their needs," said Mr. MacEachern.  "Nova Scotia has
what it takes to be part of that future."

     Over 70,000 Malaysians have been educated in Canada since
Malaysian independence in 1957.  Mr. MacEachern said Canadian
universities have unlimited opportunities in Southeast Asia. 
Projects universities are pursuing include international student
recruitment, marketing of programs and joint research projects. 
Mr. MacEachern will be following up on some of these contacts
during the conference.

     In addition, the Nova Scotia Community College has joint
projects with member countries such as Thailand and Indonesia. 
Member countries have also expressed interest in teacher
exchanges and hiring Canadians to train their teachers.  Mr.
MacEachern will look for opportunities to build on these

     Each year since 1986 the Council of Ministers of Education,
Canada (CMEC) has sent a representative to the conference to
cement relationships and raise Canada's profile in the region. 
This is the second year Mr. MacEachern has been selected to
represent Canada, raising Nova Scotia's profile not only with the
member countries, but other associate members of SEAMEO, which
are Australia, Germany, France, Japan, the Netherlands and New

     Mr. MacEachern will be accompanied by his Deputy Minister
Robert Moody who will be specifically pursuing business related
opportunities for Nova Scotia.  His travel costs, budgeted at
$4,800, will be covered by the department.

For more information contact:
Catherine MacIsaac 424-2795 or Donna MacDonald, 424-2615

lm                                     January 13, 1994