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     The appointment of a new board of directors for the
Waterfront Development Corporation Limited (WDCL), has been
announced by Economic Renewal Minister Ross Bragg.

     "This new board, along with the recent appointment of a new
president and CEO, signals a renewal and strengthening of the
mandate of the corporation to actively promote the downtown
waterfront areas in Halifax and Dartmouth," Mr. Bragg said.

      The members of the WDCL board of directors are:
Annette Marshall, chair; William Young, vice-chair; Ruth
Goldbloom, Doreen Parsons, Sterling Eddy, Douglas Cochrane, Eric
Thompson, Greta Murtagh and Alan Barkhouse.

     The corporation will undertake immediately to develop a
comprehensive plan for the Halifax and Dartmouth waterfronts. It
currently has waterfront sites earmarked for development in both

     "It is timely for the corporation to take an aggressive
direction and initiate private sector development on these
strategically located properties," said Mr. Bragg. "In addition
to development projects on the corporation's existing properties,
there is a need to co-ordinate and encourage development on other
waterfront sites such as the Fisheries and Oceans' property on
Water Street in Halifax and the Nova Scotia Power site, plus
Halifax Port Corporation properties in Halifax and Dartmouth." 

     The minister also announced the WDCL will be given an
expanded mandate to take a lead role in developing a waterfront
promotional strategy for the Metro region. 

     In the past the WDCL concentrated on developing
infrastructure such as boardwalks, waterfront parks and wharves,
leaving a combination of the private sector and government
agencies to attract residents and tourists to these facilities.
"There are unexploited opportunities to attract visiting ships,
festivals and other waterfront promotions on an on-going basis " 
Mr. Bragg said.

     The corporation will form an advisory council, to include
representatives from Halifax and Dartmouth, plus provincial and
federal governments. This will provide vital ongoing
communication between the WDCL and other key stakeholders
concerned with waterfront development in both private and public

     The WDCL will implement its strategic plan by contracting
with private organizations and other individuals. The emphasis
will be on making decisions and taking action.
     "One advantage of a separate crown corporation is that the
organization can operate with a business approach, having an
ability to move somewhat independently and achieve results which
would be more difficult if this was attempted within a government
department,"  Mr. Bragg said.

     The Waterfront Development Corporation Limited was
established in 1976 as a provincial crown corporation. It has
successfully developed major projects on both sides of the
harbour, including the Sheraton Hotel, Cornwallis Place,
Sackville Landing, the Maritime Museum, Dartmouth Park, Admiralty
Place, streetscape upgrading and walkways, including boardwalks
and Cable Wharf.
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mfm                                     January 16, 1995