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Construction of the new Tidnish Interpretation/Information
Centre, will receive provincial support, Economic Renewal
Minister Ross Bragg has announced.

The $55,000 project will include design and construction of a
building to serve as an entry point visitor information facility.
It will also provide visual interpretation displays of nearby
remains of the Chignecto Ship Railway and of features along the
Sunrise Trail.

Planned as an upgrade to the existing entry point into the
province, the new facility will focus on travellers who often use
the Tidnish route as a short cut to or from Cape Tormentine and
the Prince Edward Island ferry. With the construction of the
fixed-link, Tidnish could well become busier. 

The Central Nova Tourist Association and the people of Tidnish
will utilize the building for interpreting their particular part
of the province. They will also focus on the immediate vicinity,
including the Chignecto Ship Railway.  

The centre will also provide general tourism information about
Nova Scotia, and will be maintained and operated by the Central
Nova Tourist Association (CNTA) or the Tidnish Crossroads
Community Association. "Certainly from the CNTA's point of view,
we're most pleased to have it," said Carol Taggart, president of
the Central Nova Tourist Association. "The figures show it was a
busy bureau, but the old centre was an eyesore." 

CNTA Treasurer Kim McCallum, who helped plan the centre with
Sally Anderson said increased traffic from the Prince Edward
Island fixed-link might improve awareness of an important but
often overlooked piece of Nova Scotian history. "The ship railway
would have changed the economic history of the region if it had
been completed," he said, referring to the remains of the
Chignecto Ship Railway, would have linked the Bay of Fundy with
the Northumberland Strait. The remains are visible from the new
interpretive centre.

Mr. Bragg said his department is pleased to support the
construction of the new centre, which will highlight a unique
part of our province for visitors and improve the quality of
their stay. He said the facility could also lead to increased
employment opportunities in the area".
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