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Following a review of responses from municipalities, the province
has determined that there will be no transfer of ownership of
local roads to municipalities before April, 1996, Transportation
and Communications Minister Richie Mann has informed provincial 
wardens and mayors.  

Although the province will continue to own and maintain
the roads, municipalities will still be required to pay the $3500
per kilometre fee to the province on those roads selected for

"As I have said throughout this discussion, we'll be as flexible
as we can be to ensure that any exchange is fair to all parties.
Municipalities expressed quite natural concern about their
ability to actually maintain the roads, and several suggested the
alternative of having the province retain both ownership and
maintenance responsibility if the municipalities pay the per
kilometre maintenance cost," he said. He said he and the Minister
of Municipal Affairs "are quite happy to agree with that
suggestion, as it allows us to meet the objectives of the
provincial municipal service exchange -- and ensure that roads
continue to be maintained throughout the province." 

While some municipalities would prefer to assume full ownership
and responsibility for the roads, he said many feel that the cost
of acquiring the equipment and staff resources to maintain local
roads would be too burdensome.  The April 1, 1996 exchange date
provides an additional year for municipalities to assess their
ability to accept the roads, or to continue to pay the per
kilometre fee.

"If the per kilometre payment is the option selected by a
municipality, the province will retain full ownership and control 
of  the roads.  If a municipality chooses to accept the road
transfer, then they will also become fully responsible for
delivering the maintenance service," Mr. Mann said.

In a letter to all wardens and mayors, Mr. Mann emphasized that
other aspects of the service exchange would remain the same. 
These include:  any new roads approved by a municipality under
the Planning Act will be the full responsibility of the
municipality, responsibility for all existing and new sidewalks
will rest with the municipality, and all cost-sharing on eligible
roads will be on a 50-50 basis.


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lm                                             January 31, 1995