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  Nova Scotia makes an important move to capture the attention of
  a new northern European tourism market on Oct. 24, 25 and 26,
  with a product introduction in Oslo, Norway; Copenhagen, Denmark
  and Stockholm, Sweden.

  "The late October introduction of Nova Scotia to the travel
  trade and business contacts in Scandinavia is an important element
  in the strategy to help make the new Icelandair route from
  northern Europe to Halifax successful from day one," said Economic
  Renewal Minister Robbie Harrison.

  "The launch is timed to meet the 1996 deadlines of the European
  travel trade and is designed to ensure that those people who
  can best influence Scandinavian travel to Nova Scotia are well
  aware of the tourism products, the services and the welcome that
  await them here," the minister said.

  The Icelandair connection with Scandinavia also holds
  significant business potential, and this will be pursued during
  the product launch as well, he said.

  Icelandair and the Canadian Tourism Commission are partners
  with the Nova Scotia Marketing Agency in the promotion.

  Beginning in mid-May 1996, Icelandair will begin twice weekly
  flights to Halifax via Reykjavik, Iceland with direct
  connections to major centres in Scandinavia and continental
  Europe. Icelandair will offer 15,900 seats to the 1996 capacity
  to this province from Europe.

  Among the many attractions that Nova Scotia presents to
  Scandinavians are outdoor adventure products and activities,
  the diverse touring and cultural experiences, and fresh seafood
  and the value available in Nova Scotia.

  Nova Scotia has designed a product launch for 175 invited
  guests in each city that will highlight each of these features.

  Four Nova Scotia private sector tour wholesalers, recommended
  by the Tourism Industry Association of Nova Scotia (TIANS), will
  travel with the project.

  "We are confident that Nova Scotia, effectively introduced and
  promoted, will prove to be a favoured destination for
  adventurous travellers from Scandinavia and Iceland," said
  Petur J. Eiricksson, senior vice president, Marketing for

  "Our airline is impressed with the single-minded focus with
  which Nova Scotia is approaching this marketplace. We are pleased
  to be a partner in the plan to promote Nova Scotia in the northern
  countries and to make this route successful for everyone
  involved," Mr. Eiricksson said.

  Icelandair has already cooperated with the Nova Scotia
  Marketing Agency to bring targeted media from Sweden and Iceland
  to the province for familiarization. The airline is offering its
  preferred customers a four-day charter to Halifax in November.


  Contact: Marsha Andrews   902-424-4207

           Steve Warburton  902-424-0927

  NOTE TO EDITORS: Interviews with participants in the product
  launch can be arranged by contacting Marsha Andrews.

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