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  Nova Scotia Education and Culture Minister John MacEachern
  and Canadian Heritage Minister Michel Dupuy today announced
  the signature of a special agreement for the implementation
  of Francophone school governance in Nova Scotia.
  Mr. MacEachern said, "Our government is pleased with the
  level of co-operation and support of the federal government
  in securing additional funding for the implementation of
  governance in Nova Scotia."
  Mr. Dupuy said, "This agreement officially places
  responsibility for managing French-language schools in the
  hands of the province's Acadians and Francophones. School
  management means establishing an institutional network that
  belongs to these communities in the field of education,
  which is of crucial importance. This is a historic step we
  are taking: the full application of section 23 of the
  Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms."
  The three-year agreement is the culmination of several years
  of co-operation between the two levels of government and
  Acadians and Francophones in Nova Scotia. This initiative
  reflects the federal government's commitment to working with
  provincial and territorial governments to enhance the
  vitality of Canada's official languages communities.
  Under the terms of the agreement, the support provided by
  the federal government will be conditional on the adoption
  of the new Education Act by Nova Scotia. However, following
  the introduction of the act, Canadian Heritage will provide
  an advance contribution to Nova Scotia.
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  trp                      Oct. 25, 1995