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  Agriculture and Marketing Minister Wayne Gaudet has
  announced a number of staff changes to the field services
  section of the extension services branch.
  Dean Manning will be the agricultural representative for
  Annapolis County. Mr. Manning, originally from Falmouth,
  Hants County, is a graduate of the Nova Scotia Agricultural
  College and has extensive 4-H background. In 1990, Mr.
  Manning worked as an assistant ag rep for Kings County, then
  Halifax-East Hants and for the past three years as ag rep
  for Lunenburg/Queens out of the Bridgewater office.
  Jeff Wentzell, former 4-H representative for Western Nova
  Scotia, will be transferred to Bridgewater as acting
  agricultural representative. Mr. Wentzell, from Lunenburg
  County, is also a graduate of the Nova Scotia Agricultural
  College and was an active 4-H member. Mr. Wentzell began his
  career with the department in 1990 as 4-H representative for
  eastern Nova Scotia.
  Both of these appointments are effective Oct. 30, 1995.
  Susan Simpson, acting 4-H Specialist in western Nova Scotia,
  will be the acting agricultural representative for
  Inverness/Victoria working out of the Mabou office. Ms.
  Simpson, from Cumberland County and has been actively
  involved in 4-H. She graduated from the Nova Scotia
  Agricultural College in 1992 and subsequently worked for the
  Cumberland Soil and Crop Association as a research assistant
  before joining the department earlier this year.
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  trp                       Oct. 26, 1995