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  The Department of Health announced today the 1-800
  Pharmacare telephone number will be operating this weekend,
  Saturday and Sunday, from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.
  Seniors calling after hours during the week and on the
  weekend can leave their name and number on the answering
  machine. Their calls will be returned as soon as possible.
  "The 1-800 telephone number will be open all weekend to
  respond to seniors questions about Pharmacare," said Eleanor
  Hubbard, director of pharmaceutical services, Department of
  Health. "We are making every effort to answer all
  information requests as soon as we can."
  The new seniors' Pharmacare program was introduced this past
  April. Pharmacare has been operating under the new program
  since April 1. Under the new program, seniors are asked to
  pay a $215 insurance premium and a 20 per cent co-payment of
  their prescription costs to a maximum of $200 per year.
  Under the old program, the maximum co-payment was $400.
  Seniors who paid more than $200 in co-payments this year
  have been reimbursed accordingly.
  The deadline to join Pharmacare is Nov. 1. There is some
  flexibility in the deadline to allow seniors time to
  respond. A seniors' Pharmacare coverage will not be
  cancelled unless they are contacted. All seniors are
  encouraged to respond as soon as possible.
  The toll-free telephone number for Pharmacare is
  Contact: Sue McKeage  902-424-3581
  trp                   Oct. 26, 1995