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  Community Services Minister Jim Smith today proclaimed
  November as National Adoption Awareness Month in Nova
  Adoption Awareness Month is celebrated each year to focus
  attention on the need for adoptive families and to thank the
  many families who have adopted children.
  Dr. Jim Smith said, "As we celebrate adoptive families we
  should remember that there are many children in Nova Scotia
  who are waiting to be adopted. There is a pressing need for
  permanent, nurturing and supportive families to open their
  homes and their hearts to these children."
  The minister said fewer infants are available for adoption
  through agencies and the numbers continue to decrease. The
  average waiting period to adopt an infant or a pre-schooler
  is up to 10 years with no guarantees of placement.
  "The majority of children presently coming into care have
  special placement needs, including older school age
  children, children of a minority race, physically disabled
  or mentally challenged children, or children with emotional
  or behavioural problems."
  Dr. Smith said there is also a pressing need to find
  adoptive homes for sibling groups so that two or more
  children in the same family can stay together.
  He added that people adopting children today are not only
  childless couples, but single parents, members of minority
  groups and couples with children.
  In 1993, there were 294 adoptions granted in Nova Scotia. Of
  the total, 78 were agency adoptions, 187 were private,
  relative adoptions and 29 were private, non-relative.
  Anyone interested in obtaining additional information on
  adoption should contact the nearest office of the Department
  of community Services, Children's Aid Societies, Family and
  Children's Service Agencies and child placing agencies.
  Contact: Harry Chapman  902-424-3265
  trp                      Nov. 01, 1995