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  South Shore residents are now finding it easier to track
  down the right government department, program or person at
  the regional Access Nova Scotia Centre.
  Natural Resources Minister Don Downe officially opened the
  Bridgewater office of Access Nova Scotia Centre (ANS) today,
  kicking off an open house which coincides with the opening
  of the new federal building at 77 Dufferin Street.
  "Centralizing access to government information is a move
  toward a more effective and efficient delivery of public
  programs and services," said Mr. Downe on behalf of Economic
  Renewal Minister Robbie Harrison. "By developing
  partnerships and working with specialists in government and
  business, the Access Centre in Bridgewater joins other
  Access locations throughout Nova Scotia to offer direct and
  improved customer service for residents along the South
  The location of the Access Centre in the federal building
  enables clients to find the right contacts quickly and
  easily, he said. "The fact that the Access Centre is located
  within the new federal building is another indication of
  federal-provincial cooperation fashioned to benefit both
  taxpayers and tenants."
  Access centres are also located in Yarmouth, Kentville,
  Truro and Sydney. ANS is a provincial government initiative
  designed to improve public access to government information,
  departments, programs and services at all levels.
  Contact: David Townsend  902-543-0660
  trp                       Nov. 03, 1995