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  The education program at the Musquodoboit Valley Forest
  Nursery and Education Complex in Middle Musquodoboit,
  Halifax County, will continue to operate, but the two
  greenhouses at the complex will soon be offered for sale and
  removal from the site, Natural Resources Minister Don Downe
  said today.
  "The greenhouses have not been in production for the past
  couple of years," said Mr. Downe. "This is because the
  demand for tree seedlings has been lower than expected, more
  seedlings are being provided by private sector nurseries,
  and there is a greater reliance on natural regeneration in
  forest management programs."
  The greenhouses are being declared surplus and will soon be
  advertised for sale, to be dismantled and removed from the
  site. Mr. Downe said it would be wasteful and unfair to
  taxpayers to continue to bear the cost of maintaining them.
  Meanwhile, Mr. Downe said, the education program at the
  complex will be continued.
  "With approximately 8,000 school students visiting the
  complex each year, the education program is very popular
  with students and teachers alike," he said. "It plays, and
  will continue to play, a very useful role in educating young
  people with respect to the value and importance of forest
  resources, sustainable forest management, and the forest
  The education component at the complex includes two large
  classrooms, a combined library and boardroom, and an 80
  hectare demonstration woodlot that features trails and study
  Mr. Downe said sale and removal of the greenhouses is
  prudent and practical, as well as consistent with the
  government's four year expenditure control program.
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  trp                       Nov. 03, 1995