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  "Just 30 seconds after entering Survivors, it became clear
  that this unprecedented exhibition inspired by breast cancer
  survivors had produced magnificent work," says Lisa Balfour
  Bowen of the Toronto Sun.
  Survivors, In Search of a Voice, The Art of Courage will
  open at the Art Gallery of Nova Scotia Nov. 11 and runs
  until Dec. 10. The exhibition is organized by the Woodlawn
  Arts Foundation.
  Survivors covers the spectrum of contemporary art, from
  painting and sculpture to traditional crafts and avant-garde
  minimalism. The exhibition is steeped in the fears and hopes
  of breast cancer survivors. Breast cancer strikes one out of
  every nine women in Canada. Survivors is a collective effort
  that was conceived to draw attention to a devastating
  Commissioned by Toronto arts patrons Barbara Amesbury and
  Joan Chalmers, Survivors is a monument to the courage of
  breast cancer survivors. Because 100 breast cancer survivors
  had the courage to tell their stories, because 24 of
  Canada's best artists created the finest works of their
  careers, thousands of women struggling with this disease are
  given a "voice".
  In conjunction with Survivors, In Search of a Voice: The Art
  of Courage, cancer societies and activists groups will be
  holding a gala reception Friday, Nov. 10, 7 p.m. at the Art
  Gallery of Nova Scotia to raise awareness of the disease and
  funds for a mobile breast screening clinic. Tickets are $100
  and can be purchased by calling Sue Tingley at 424-2835.
  The exhibition is organized by the Woodlawn Arts Foundation.
  Contact: Ann Marie McKinnon  902-424-8935
  trp                     Nov. 08, 1995