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  Negotiations will start soon with Atlantic Highways
  Corporation for the design, construction, operation and
  maintenance of Highway 104, the Western Alignment,
  Transportation and Communications Minister Richie Mann
  announced today.
  "This is an important step toward the completion of that
  highway, and the solution to a serious and growing safety
  concern on our main artery," Mr. Mann said. "It is also an
  important milestone in the development of public-private
  partnerships in Nova Scotia---and establishes this province
  in the forefront of solid, professional public-private
  Atlantic Highways Corporation includes Canadian Highways
  International Corporation, the group which developed
  Ontario's Highway 407, and two local construction firms,
  Nova and Tidewater, supported by a strong team of
  environmental, engineering, legal, financial and project
  management consultants.
  The consortium was selected by a selection team of three
  deputy ministers following an intensive analysis and
  evaluation by a review team of technical, engineering,
  financial, legal, business and professional civil servants
  and private consultants.
  "Cabinet was informed this morning by the committee of the
  selection of Atlantic Highways Corporation and authorized
  the Department of Transportation and Communications to begin
  negotiations with the intent of ratifying a contract as soon
  as possible," Mr. Mann said.
  The selection was based on criteria set out in a request for
  proposals issued in August to three consortia. The criteria
  included such features as the financing package, the toll
  collection structure and preliminary levels, engineering and
  design quality, and environmental management plan.
  The province has been seeking a private partner for the
  highway project to allow construction to be completed in
  advance of the construction schedule that would be possible
  if the government were to provide 100 per cent of the
  required funding.
  Following a pre-qualification process completed this year,
  three consortia were invited to bid.
  Contact: Donna McCready  902-424-8687
  trp                  Nov. 09, 1995