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  The media is invited to attend the presentation of the 1995
  Gulf of Maine Visionary Awards to take place today, Tuesday,
  Nov. 21 at 11 a.m. in the foyer, Province House. Fisheries
  Minister Jim Barkhouse and Environment Minister Wayne Adams
  will host the event. This year's recipients are Ted d'Eon,
  Middle West Pubnico, for his dedicated work as a naturalist
  in the Pubnico-Tusket Islands area, and the municipality of
  the County of Annapolis and the Community of Bear River for
  their pioneering work on the Bear River solar aquatics
  sewage treatment project.
  Contact: Diane Kenny      902-424-0308
           Paul McEachern   902-424-2575
  trp                   Nov. 21, 1995