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  An act to provide the framework for the amalgamation of four
  Halifax hospitals as the Queen Elizabeth II Health Sciences
  Centre was introduced in the legislature today by Health
  Minister Ron Stewart.
  Although the Victoria General Hospital, Camp Hill Medical
  Centre, Nova Scotia Rehabilitation Centre and the Cancer
  Treatment and Research Foundation of Nova Scotia have been
  governed by a single board for the last year, the hospitals
  have not yet been formally merged into one. The QEII Act
  will finalize the merger.
  "The merger of these four very fine health care institutions
  into one is an excellent move for Nova Scotia health care,"
  said Dr. Stewart. "All adult tertiary care in the province
  will be managed, coordinated and delivered through one
  hospital. This will mean more effective health care and more
  efficiency of service in keeping with our overall health
  reform goals."
  Under the act, employees of the four separate institutions
  become employees of a single employer -- the QEII. All
  employees covered by collective agreements will continue to
  enjoy the terms and conditions of those agreements. Pension
  benefits are also protected.
  The act replaces the legislation creating the individual
  facilities and allows for a board of directors to be
  appointed. Those appointments are expected when the act is
  "There is an emphasis here on consultation and
  negotiations," said Human Resources Minister Jay Abbass.
  "Considerable time and effort was spent to develop
  legislation that would treat all employees equitably."
  The QEII becomes Nova Scotia's new flagship health care
  facility, serving almost 35,000 people annually. It is the
  largest adult referral centre in Atlantic Canada excelling
  in cardiac care, burn treatment, transplantation, cancer
  treatment, physical rehabilitation, ophthalmology,
  otolaryngology and geriatrics.
  This legislation enables four health care institutions
  --- Camp Hill Medical Centre; Nova Scotia Rehabilitation
  Centre; Victoria General Hospital; and the Cancer Treatment
  and Research Foundation of Nova Scotia --- to complete a
  merger into one hospital --- the Queen Elizabeth II Health
  Sciences Centre.
  The QEII was originally created by an Order-in-Council in
  September, 1994. This legislation completes the merger.
  Under the Act, the employees of the four facilities become
  employees of a single corporation -- the QEII. The Acts of
  the individual facilities are repealed.
  The corporation will be governed by a Board of Directors
  including a chief executive officer, a medical staff
  representative and the Dalhousie University Dean of
  Medicine. Eleven others will be appointed -- eight by
  Cabinet and three by the QEII Board itself. The new board
  replaces the current interim Board.
  All property owned by the four facilities becomes the
  property of the QEII.
  The QEII becomes the single employer of about 7,000
  The QEII is bound by successor rights as determined by the
  Trade Union Act. The existing collective agreements for the
  employees at the four separate facilities remain in effect.
  All those rights, benefits and salaries under collective
  agreements will be carried over to the new employer.
  The legislation establishes a process to recognize
  Benefits accrued over the years are protected. They become
  the responsibility of the new employer.
  Many Victoria General Hospital employees are civil servants,
  that is, employees of the Province. This Act declares them
  employees of the QEII.
  VG employees are given the option of staying with the
  provincial employees' pension plan or of transferring to a
  pension plan administered by the QEII. Retired or former VG
  employees will continue to receive public service pension
  benefits as will beneficiaries.
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  trp                    Nov. 23, 1995