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  A board of inquiry into the complaint of George LaFosse
  against the Kinsmen Day Care Centre Society, Sydney, has
  upheld Mr. LaFosse's complaint.
  Mr. LaFosse made a complaint July 24, 1994, under the Human
  Rights Act. He alleged that the centre terminated his
  contract when it learned that he had hepatitis B, which he
  acknowledged was probably contracted through past drug use.
  Mr. LaFosse provided evidence that he was healthy and
  The complaint could not be resolved following an
  investigation and the matter proceeded to a board of inquiry
  chaired by Michael J. Wood.
  In its decision the board of inquiry found that the day care
  centre had discriminated against Mr. LaFosse on his
  disability, an actual or perceived dependency on drugs, and
  on the centre's irrational fear that his hepatitis B was
  still infectious.
  This the first application of the "irrational fear" section
  of the Human Rights Act added in the 1991 amendments
  package. Mr. LaFosse was awarded general damages of $2,500.
  Contact: Francine Comeau  902-424-4111
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