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  The Nova Scotia Human Rights Commission will host a United
  Nations and Human Rights conference Saturday, Dec. 9, to
  commemorate the 50th anniversary of the United Nations. The
  conference will be held at room 105, Dalhousie Law Building.
  Topics will include: United Nations Charter and
  International Conventions and Covenants; Charter of Rights
  and Freedoms, and the Nova Scotia Human Rights Act; famine
  relief in Ethiopia; the works of UNICEF; the peacekeepers
  and the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees.
  In addition there will be a panel on the fourth United
  Nations World Conference on Women which took place in
  September in Beijing, China.
  Participants will also discuss the United Nations' impact on
  aboriginal self-government, and possible assistance to the
  grievance lodged by Chinese Canadians for recognition and
  redress of past racist legislation.
  Presenters include Peter Dalglish, who led the famine relief
  in Ethiopia in 1985; Major-General Raymond R. Crabbe, who
  was posted to the former Republic of Yugoslavia in 1994 as
  the deputy commander of the United Nations Protection Force
  and commander of the Canadian contingent; Mary Clancy, MP,
  Katherine McDonald and Dr. Meredith Ralston who attended the
  fourth World Conference on Women; Dwight Dorey, chief and
  president of the Native Council of Nova Scotia; William
  Dere, vice-chair of the National Redress Committee of the
  Chinese Canadian National Council; Nanda na Champassak of
  the United Nations High Commission for Refugees; Michael
  Noonan of UNICEF, Prof. Anne LaForest and Wayne MacKay,
  executive director of the Nova Scotia Human Rights
  Mr. MacKay said: "It is always timely to speak of human
  rights, but it is particularly so in the context of the
  United Nations' 50th anniversary...the United Nations was
  born out of a desire for peace and concern about the
  degradation of people's basic human rights in the Jewish
  holocaust and the Second World War. True peace can only be
  built on a foundation of respect for human rights."
  Justice Minister William Gillis, minister responsible for
  human rights, and Dr. Kenneth Ozmon, chair of the Nova
  Scotia Human Rights Commission, will open the conference.
  Contact : Wayne MacKay   902-434-3130
            May Lui        902-424-7282
  trp                       Dec. 05, 1995