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  George Unsworth, managing partner of Deloitte & Touche
  (Sydney), has been appointed co-ordinator to lead in
  establishing the amalgamated Chignecto-Central regional
  school board.
  Mr. Unsworth will work with a local amalgamation committee,
  including representatives from the existing Cumberland,
  Colchester-East Hants and Pictou districts to plan a smooth
  transition to the new regional school board.
  Education and Culture Minister John MacEachern said Mr.
  Unsworth can draw on his experience as school board
  co-ordinator for the Strait area. "The Cumberland,
  Colchester-East Hants and Pictou school boards are united in
  their commitment to students and education. This commitment,
  combined with Mr. Unsworth's leadership and experience,
  should lead to one of the strongest school boards in the
  province," the minister said. Mr. Unsworth's work in the
  Strait region is nearing completion.
  Mr. Unsworth brings a mix of education, management, human
  resource, communications and business skills to the
co-ordinator's position. He has led the growth and development
  of the Sydney Deloitte & Touche office since he established
  it in 1972, gaining significant experience in restructuring
  for public and private organizations, including education
  He also served for five years as a district school board
  member, and served on the executive committee of the board
  of governors, University College of Cape Breton. Other
  community leadership roles Mr. Unsworth has undertaken
  include: co-chairing the Cape Breton Regional Hospital's
  capital campaign, chairing the United Way Campaign, and
  local fund-raising.
  Mr. Unsworth was selected following a publicly-advertised
  competition. Once proposals were received, a departmental
  committee reviewed the proposals and conducted interviews
  based on established criteria, including leadership and
  communication skills, knowledge of educational issues (such
  as school board and school council roles and
  responsibilities), and management, finance and
consensus-building skills. Mr. Unsworth's proposal ranked the
  against these criteria and was the lowest bid.
  Contact:  Donna MacDonald  902-424-2615
  trp                      Dec. 06, 1995