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  Fair and safe play in Nova Scotia's sport and recreation
  facilities and organizations will soon have the backing of
  an official policy adopted by the Nova Scotia Sport and
  Recreation Commission.
  The policy is the result of the efforts of a Provincial Fair
  and Safe Play Committee established in the fall of 1994 by
  the Minister responsible for Sport and Recreation.
  Sport and Recreation Minister Jay Abbass has received a
  report from the committee which recommends a comprehensive
  program to provide public education, training and an
  official policy to promote fair and safe play in Nova
  "The committee has taken on, and accomplished, more than was
  expected of them and they are to be commended for their
  efforts. This is part of a national move to fair and safe
  play and I am proud to see Nova Scotia taking the lead," 
  Mr. Abbass said.
  The Provincial Fair and Safe Play Committee  was established
  in the fall of 1994 following a racist incident in a Nova
  Scotia arena. The committee was comprised of representatives
  from the Nova Scotia Hockey Association, the Recreation
  Facility of Nova Scotia and the Nova Scotia Sport and
  Recreation Commission, and sought input from a broad
  spectrum of individuals and organizations.
  The report makes specific recommendations for a code of
  conduct to be adopted by spectators, participants and
  facilities. The identification of "Fair Play Facilities" and
  the establishment of "Fair Play Awards" were also
  recommended as ways of promoting the principles of fair
  The identification of responsibilities for safety,
  supervision and risk management in sport and recreation
  facilities were addressed by recommendations for a risk
  management policy, training program and promotions.
  "The goal of the fair and safe play policies is to ensure
  that participants in sport and recreation have positive,
  life enriching experiences in a safe and accessible
  environment," said Mr. Abbass.
  The minister said that interest in promoting fair and safe
  play in Nova Scotia has not been limited to the efforts of
  the committee. He said there have been many initiatives
  developed by local, provincial, and national organizations,
  many of which have taken significant steps toward developing
  fair and safe play environments for their activities and
  Private corporations and businesses have lent their support
  by sponsoring organizations involved in fair play
  initiatives or by independently promoting fair play.
  Mr Abbass said the Fair and Safe Play Committee did not seek
  to duplicate these efforts but rather to create an
  environment where they will flourish and reach all Nova
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  trp                    Dec. 06, 1995