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  Hubert Earle is the new chairman of the Nova Scotia Boxing
  Authority. The appointment was announced today by the
  Minister Responsible for the NSBA, Jay Abbass.
  Mr. Earle has been an official with the NSBA since 1980 and
  referee-in-chief of the NSBA since 1994. He has also been
  referee-in-chief of the Canadian Professional Boxing
  Federation since 1988 and an official with the World Boxing
  Authority since 1986.
  In making the appointment Mr. Abbass said, "Mr. Earle will
  be overseeing an expansion of the boxing authority's
  responsibilities which now include the area of combative
  sports such as kick-boxing and other martial arts. I am sure
  that Mr. Earle's considerable experience will serve him well
  in his new role."
  Mr. Earle, whose appointment is effective immediately, said:
  "I am looking forward to working with my peers in the sport
  of boxing and to establishing constructive working
  relationships with all the combative sport groups in Nova
  Scotia. It will be the goal of the boxing authority to make
  all combative sports as safe as possible for the
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  trp                    Dec. 14, 1995