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  Premier John Savage today announced the appointment of 
  Douglas Ruck as Nova Scotia's new Ombudsman.
  The selection of Mr. Ruck was based on the recommendation of
  an all-party committee of the legislature.
  Mr. Ruck has extensive experience in the human relations
  field through his work as chair of the Civil Service
  Employees Relations Board. He is also a member of the Labour
  Standards Tribunal and has served as acting chair of the
  Labour Relations Board.
  Mr. Ruck is a member of the board of inquiry for the Human
  Rights Commission and is an arbitrator of complaints.
  The premier noted that Mr. Ruck has a proven track record of
  fairness and good judgement. The selection committee noted
  that Mr. Ruck is highly regarded by his peers, associates
  and employers.
  Mr. Ruck is a 1977 graduate of the Dalhousie University Law
  "Nova Scotia is extremely fortunate that a man of Mr. Ruck's
  stature has agreed to take on the job of provincial
  Ombudsman. If his track record to date is any indication,
  then Nova Scotians will be well served by their new
  Ombudsman," the premier said.
  Contact: David Harrigan  902-424-3750
  trp                     Dec. 14, 1995